Attribute Editor

To open the attribute list for a layer, right click on the vector layer in the Control Center, and choose Edit Attributes....

This displays the Attribute Editor window with a table view displaying the attributes for all features in the layer. The attribute list displays columns in the order that the attributes are listed in the layer. The window title bar lists the name of the layer that the list is generated from.

The Attribute Editor window can be floating, or docked, including docked with multiple tabs showing different windows.

To edit an attribute in the tabular view, click on the cell in the table to select it. Then click on it again to enable editing.

Enable the Synchronize Feature Selection tool to sync the selection between the digitizer tool and the highlighted rows in the list.

Use the SHIFT or CTRL keys to highlight multiple rows, for use with the toolbar buttons like Edit, Delete, and the right-click context menu.

Click a column name to sort the column in ascending order. Click the column name again to sort in descending order. Right-click on the Column Name and un-check listed columns to hide them from the table.

Press the Search button to limit the list to rows that match a search criteria.

Note: Special Attributes values, including <Feature Name>, <Feature Type> <Description> and <Index in Layer are not editable from the Attribute List.

Note: There is a limitation on the number of features that can be listed. For Global Mapper 32-bit the feature limit is 1 million, for Global Mapper 64-bit the feature limit is 5 million.