Multiple 2D Map Views

The Add/Remove Map Views... command is found under the View menu, or on the Global Mapper Viewer toolbar.

This tool enables dividing the main map view from a single 2D planar view, to multiple simultaneous views of the workspace data. The map view manager maintains multiple 2D views of the data, which must be placed next to each other in the interface. They may contain different layers, and may be zoomed and panned independently, or linked in location and scale using the 2D Map View Manager settings.

For information about docking the 3D viewer, path profile or attribute editor, see Window Docking

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Once Add/Remove Map Views... is selected, the Map View Manager dialog will open.

Under the expandable Main Map Window section, the currently enabled Map Views are listed. Under the 'Add New Map View' section, add additional map views to split the 2D map view into multiple map views. New map views will be added relative to the highlighted map view or group.

Select the relative location from the 'Add New 2D Map View' drop down menu, and press the Add Map View... button to add a new 2D map view. The default position for the new map view will be to the right of the Main Map Window.

2D Map views can show different layers than the Primary Map View. They may also have the Map Layout layers (legend, scale bar, etc.) turned off independently. Highlight a view in the Main Map Window list and press the Select Layers... button to control the layers that display for that view.

Optionally set the views to have linked zoom and/ or center points using the check boxes.

Map View Manager Options