Advanced Feature Creation Options - 3D View

The below Advanced Feature Creation options are available from the Digitizer Mode right click sub-menu, the availability of some options depends upon feature type selected at the time of right-click.

BUFFER - Create Buffers Around Selected Feature(s)…

TERRAIN - Create/Flatten Terrain from Selected Area Feature(s)

Calculate Flattened Site Plan Grid from Selected Area(s)

Create New Points at Centroids of Selected Area Feature(s)

Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features

Create New Area Feature(s) from Selected Line(s)

Create Line Feature(s) from Selected Area Feature(s)

Create Area Skeletons/Center Lines

Subdivide Quadrilateral Area

Chop/ Modify Selected Area(s) with Islands to Remove Islands

Create Coverage Area (Concave Hull) for Selected/Loaded Features

Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along Area and Line Features