Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along Area and Line Features

This tool can create new line features spaced along selected area or line that are perpendicular to those selected features at each point of intersection. This tool is useful for generating cross profiles orcross sections commonly used for streams, road features, etc. It can also be used to create mile markers or other distance markers. With area features, this tool will create new lines perpendicular to the perimeter boundary of the area feature.

To use this tool, first select one or more area/line features, then right-click and select the Advanced Feature Creation sub-menu option Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along Selected Line/ Area Feature(s).... This option is also found in the Digitizer top-level menu.

The Sample Spacing Setup dialog specifies the spacing between lines and also the total length of each perpendicular line.

Spacing options include Fixed Number or Fixed Distance for the selected area or line feature. This will either create a certain number of perpendicular lines, subdividing the feature, or create the appropriate perpendicular lines at fixed distances along the feature.

Sample Feature at Endpoints Only will create perpendicular lines only at the endpoints of the selected features. Sample Features at Single Fixed Distance will create just one perpendicular line measured away from the start of feature.

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