License Manager

The License Manager provides a centralized location to see information about the currently active licenses and enabled extensions.

Access the License Manager from the Help menu.

Registering a Module

Registering a Global Mapper Module will require an order number or a license file for the specific module. Once you have an order number or a license file (.lic) for the Lidar Module or the OTF Module you may license these through the Help Menu in a registered instance of Global Mapper. Global Mapper Extensions may be activated without any additional licensing or an order number.

  1. To Register a Module with an order number, or a license file go to Help and select the License Manager…
  2. In the License Manager window check the box next to a module to activate it. For more information about the license procedure for different license types see Licensing

Module License Removal*

Go to Help > License Manager
Uncheck the box next to the module, or press the Remove button to deactivate the license. Once completed, this action will replace the module license file with a removal code, and transmit this information back to Blue Marble Geographics.

If the removal is not sent, such as when the machine is offline, this code will be copied to the computer's clipboard. Paste the removal code either directly into an email or a text document and send to to release the license from that machine.

*Please note that single user, machine locked licenses are permanent, and not intended to be moved from machine to machine. Only remove the license if you are replacing the permanently licensed machine, or are upgrading to a floating license type.

Global Mapper Extensions

Global Mapper Extensions are available at no additional cost and require no special licensing or ordering from Blue Marble. To activate any of the available extensions, simply check the box next to the extension name in the License Manager.

With Global Mapper v16 and on, all content for the former Global Energy Mapper module is included in the Global Mapper application.

Other Extensions

For more information about MangoMap online map extension see MangoMap

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