What is an Extension/ Module

Global Mapper Extensions and Modules can add new functionality to the Global Mapper application and enhance existing measurement and analysis capabilities.  These specialized tools allow you to perform more sophisticated tasks such as raster calculation, volumetric calculations and LiDAR classification and data management.

Extensions are available at no additional cost and require no special licensing or ordering from Blue Marble.

Available Extensions

COAST (Coastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool)

Bridge Generation and Data Maintenance Extension

Global Mapper modules* are developed to significantly enhance certain types of data analysis and add specific tools that benefit those users working with these data types.

Available Modules

Lidar Module
OTF (Objective Terrain Format) Reader

Global Mapper modules require an additional license for each module, these may be applied to a registered instance of Global Mapper through the Module/ Extension License Manager. The Lidar and OTF modules are sold as an addition to the base Global Mapper license.

*Global Mapper modules are not available for use in Global Mapper versions prior to Global Mapper v15.