When you launch Global Mapper for the first time the registration screen will appear.

There are several registration options available.

Note: Beginning with Global Mapper v20.1, each new version, including minor versions, requires a new license file. An order number with current Maintenance and Support can be used to license the new version.

Activate single-user or trial license (log in required)

Log in with a Blue Marble Geographics account to request a trial license or activate a single-user license from a recent purchase (this also requires an order number). Use the Manage Login link to create a new account, or recover a password.

Offline Activation

Activate a license file provided by email. This also displays the machine information that can be sent to to request a license for an offline machine.

Connect to a Network License Server

Connect to a network license that has been setup. This requires the server name and port number of the license server.

Continue without Registering

Global Mapper has limited functionality when not licensed. For more information see Using Global Mapper Without a License