Supported File Formats

Global Mapper supports the following file formats.

Name Import Export Batch Export Common Extension(s)
2DM Files (Aquaveo) *.2DM
3D PDF Files   *.pdf
3DS Max Format     *.3ds
7Z Archives     *.7z
ACE/ACE2 (Altimeter Corrected Elevation)     *.ace*; *.ace2*; *ace2.bin;
Adobe DNG (Digital Negative)     *.dng
ADRG Files *.THF
Alberta Township System (ATS) Format     *.seq
AnuDEM Contour Text Files *.gen;
ANUGA Rainfall and Greenland Terrain NETCDF format     *.nc.gz
Anuga Triangulated Mesh Format     *.tsh
Arc Ungenerate *.dat
Arc Vector Coverage     arc.adf; arc
Arc/Info ASCII Grid *.asc; *.asc.gz; *.agr; *.agr.gz; *.grd; *.grd.gz
Arc/Info Binary Grid     w001001.adf
Arc/Info Export Format (E00)   *.gz; *.e00
ArcGIS Layer Pack Files     *.lpk
ARCS (British Admiralty) Marine Charts     *.hdr
ASCII Text *.asc; *.bln; *.bna; *.csv; *.dat; *.ldb; *.pts; *.txt; *.xyz; *.xyzi; *.xyz.gz
ASRP (Arc Standard Raster Product) and USRP Files *.THF
ASTER DEM and L1A/L1B Imagery and MODIS imagery     *.hdf; *.hdf0; *.hdf1; *.dat
ASTER GED (Global Emissivity Database) Files     *.bag; *.bag.gz; *.nc; *.h5; *.hdf
ATLAS BNA (Boundary File)     *.BNA
AutoCAD DWG (DraWinG) File *.DWG
AutoCAD DXF (Drawing Interchange File) *.dxf; *.gz
AutoCAD DXF 3D Face/TIN, Mesh, Point *.dxf; *.gz
Autodesk Filmbox FBX Files *.fbx
Autodesk ReCAP RCP and RCS Files     *.rcp; *.rcs
AVS UCD Format *.inp
BAG (Bathymetry Attributed Grid) Files     *.bag
BigTIFF *.tif*; *.itif*; *.gtif*; *.drg; *.dng; *.btf; *.fx3
BIL/BSQ/BIP/RAW Imagery *.bil; *.bin; *.bip; *.bsq; *.raw; *.img; *.dem; *.cube; *.ima; *.
Bing Maps (Virtual Earth) Tiles   *.jpg, *.png
Blender .blend     *.blend
Blue Marble Gridded Data *.bgd
BMP *.bmp
BPF (Binary Point File) Lidar Format     *.bpf
BSB Nautical Charts *.KAP; *.CAP
BT (Binary Terrain) Elevation Grid Files *.bt
BYN (Natural Resources Canada Geoid) Grid     *.byn
CADRG Files   *.??1; *.??2; *.??3; *.??4; *.??5; *.??6; *.??7; *.??8; *.??9; *.??A; *.??B; *.??C; *.??D; *.??E; *.??F; *.??G; *.??H; *.??J; *.ovr
Canada 3D Files     can3d*
Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) *.dem; *.dem.gz; *.dat; *.gz; *.1; *.2
Carlson 2015 binary grid files     *.grd
Carlson GSF Geoid Grid     *.gsf
Carlson SurvCAD Grid File     *.grd
CDF (GES Cartographic Data Format)   *.CDF; *.GES
CIB Files   *.??1; *.??2; *.??3; *.??4; *.??5; *.??6; *.??7; *.??8; *.??9; *.??A; *.??B; *.??C; *.??D; *.??E; *.??F; *.??G; *.??H; *.??J; *.ovr
CityGML     *.gml; *.gml.gz;
CMIP5 HDF5 data sets with sea surface temperatures     *.nc
CML, CXF, and TAF (Italian Cadastral Exchange Formats)     *.cmf
CML, CXF, and TAF (Italian Cadastral Exchange Formats) *duplicate     *.CXF
Cogent3D .imagery Files     *.imagery
Cogent3D .line, .point, and .poly Files     *.line; *.point; *.poly
COLLADA 3D Models (DAE) *.dae
CompeGPS RTE, TRK, and WPT Formats     *.rte; *.trk; *.wpt
CORTAD (Coral Reef Temperature Anomaly) Files      
Cosmo-SkyMed SCS (Complex Side-Look Radar Data) HDF5 Files      
CPS-3 Grid Format     *.cps3; *.cps; *.dat; *.grd; *.flt
CSV *.csv
CTM DEM     *.dem
Cyclone PTX      
DBF (DBase III+) Files     *.DBF
DECC UK Wind Speed Data     *.ASC
Delft3D (LDB) Files   *.ldb
DeLorme Text Files   *.txt; *.an1
DEM (generic) *.dem
DHM - Swiss DEM Files     *.mbl; *.mlt
Digital Bathymetric Data Base Variable Resolution (DBDB-V)     *.zip
Distance / Profile line     *.txt, *.csv, *.tsv, *.xyz
DIVA GIS Grid     *.grd
DMDF (Digital Map Data Format) Format     *.dd1
DOI MMS Polygon     *.gen
DOQ Quarter Quad (Old Format)     *.doq
DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) Format *.dt?; *.avg; *.min; *.max; *.mmm
E57 Lidar Point Cloud Format     *.e57
EasyGPS .LOC File     *.loc
ECRG (Enhanced Compressed Raster Graphics) toc.xml
ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) Format *.ecw
EGM (Earth Gravitational Model)     *egm2008*; *egm2008*.gz
EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) Format     *.emf
ENVI .ima multi-band imagery layers     *.ima
ENVI DEM     *.dat; *.envi; *.hdr
Erdas GIS/LAN Files     *.gis; *.lan; *.gz
ERDAS Imagine Image Format *.img
ERMapper Grid *.ers
ESA CCI Soil Moisture NetCDF Files      
ESRI ArcSDE Geodatabase     *.sde
ESRI File Geodatabase Format   gdb
ESRI Personal Geodatabase Format (MDB) Files   *.mdb
ESRI RESTful Feature Service      
ESRI RESTful/Google Maps Tiles      
ESRI Shapefiles *.shp
ESRI TIN File     *.adf
ESRI XML Workspace Files     *.xml
ESRI zLas Lidar     *.zlas
FAA INM 3TX Format   *.3TX
FCC Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) Files     CO.dat
Garmin JNX Format *.kmz; *.jnx
Garmin PCX5 Format Waypoint (WPT), Route (RTE), and Track (TRK) Files *.trk; *.wpt; *.grm
Garmin TCX (Training Center Database) Files     *.TCX
Generalized Overlay Graphics   *.gog
Generic Binary Vector Data      
Geodas Grid (GRD98) Format     *.g98
GeoJSON Format *.geojson; *.json
Geomedia Access Warehouse     *.mdb
GeoPDF® Files     *.PDF
Geosoft Binary Grid Files *.ggf; *.grd
Geospatial PDF *.PDF
Geotiff *.tif*; *.itif*; *.gtif*; *.drg; *.dng; *.btf; *.fx3
GGMplus Gravity Grid Files     *.ga; *.dg; *.xi; *.eta; *.ha
GIF     *.gif
Global 2' Elevation Data (ETOPO2)     *.dos
Global 30-arc-second Digital Elevation Data (GTOPO30)     gt30*.dem;
Global Mapper Grid *.gmg
Global Mapper Map Catalog   *.gmc
Global Mapper Mobile   *.gmmp
Global Mapper Package *.gmp
GLOBE (Global Land 1-km Base Elevation) Data     *.bin
GlobeLand30 Land Cover      
GML (Geography Markup Language) Format     *.gml; *.gml.gz; *.gz
Google Maps Tiles   *.jpg;*.png
GPS TrackMaker     *.gtm; *.gtm.gz
GPX (GPS eXchange Format) Files *.gpx; *.bdx
Gravsoft Grid Files *.gri; *.grd
GRIB I and II Formats     *.grb; *.grb2; *.grib; *.grib2; *.bin
Ground Control Point List Files   *.gcp
GSB (NTv2 Grid Shift)     *.GSB; *.GSB2
GSD (Swedish DEM Grid) Files     *.gsd
GSF (General Sensor Format) Files     *.mb121; *.mb121.gz
GTX (Vdatum) Geoid Grid     *.gtx
GvLF Lidar database format (.gvl)     *.gvl
GXF (Geosoft ASCII Grid) Files     *.gxf
HCRF (Hydrographic Chart Raster Format) File     *.hdr
HDF (ASTER DEM, MODIS,     *.hdf; *.hdf0; *.hdf1; *.dat
HDF5 (Landsat 8, Modis NDVI, NSIDC Ice Velocity, SPEI, AVHRR Sea Surface Temperature, VIIRS, TRMM, ASTER GED, CMIP5, Cosmo-SkyMed SCS, and custom)     *.bag; *.bag.gz; *.nc; *.h5; *.hdf
HDF5 mesh and simulation results (Aquaveo SMS)     *.h5
HEC-RAS HDF5 Geometry and Terrain Files     *p01.hdf, *.p02.hdf, *.g01.hdf, *.hdf
HEC-RAS Data Exchange Format Files   *.SDF
Helava DEM     *.dte
HF2/HFZ Files *.hf2; *.hfz; *.hf2.gz; *.gz
HRE - High Resolution Elevation Format     *.hr1, *.hr2, *.hr3, *.hr4, *.hr5, *.hr6, *.hr7, *.hr8, *.hrz
HTF (Hydrographic Transfer Format)     *.htf
Hydra Terra/Clutter Grid     *.Z1T; *.Z3T; *.Z1C; *.ZHT; *.PAT; *.PAL
Hypack LNW (Planned Line) Files   *.lnw
Hypack Matrix Files     *.mtx
Hypack RAW GPS Log Files     *.raw
Idrisi Format *.rst; *.img
Idrisi Vector (VCT) Format     *.vct
IGF DIS Terrain Files     *.dis
IHS Well Files     *.97f; *.97c; *.98f; *.98c; *.txt
Images with Embedded EXIF Position Information (JPG and PNG)     *.jpg, *.png
India Military MDB     *.mdb
InRoads ASCII format *.asc, *.txt
Intergraph COT Format     *.COT; *.CIT
Intermap DIG     *.dig
International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Files     *.grd; *.gz; *.nc; *.cdf; *.sww; *.sts
ioGAS     *.gas
Japanese DEM (JDEM/LEM/CSV/XML) Format     *.mem; *.lem; *.mem.gz; *.lem.gz
Japanese GML DEM     *dem*.xml
JPEG Image with World File *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.dta; *.png; *.bmp
JPEG2000 Files *.jp2; *.j2k; *.jpf; *.jpx
JPGIS (Japanese DEM) XML Format     *.xml
KML/KMZ Formats (Raster , Vector) *.kml; *.kmz
Kongsberg SIS Plan Format   *.asciiplan
Landmark Graphics Vector Files *.asc
Landsat 7A FAST Format     *_MTL.FST; *_MTL.L1G
Landsat 8 Imagery (HDF5 Format)     *.nc
LandXML   *.xml
LCV (Land Cover/Clutter RadioMobile)     *.lcv
Leica PTS Lidar Point Cloud Format *.pts
Leveller Heightfield   *.ter
Lidar Las (non asprs) *.las; *.las.gz;
LIDAR LAZ (Compressed LAS) Files *.laz; *.bin
LizardTech MrSID Data *.sid
LizardTech MrSID MG4 Lidar     *.sid
LMN (Spectra Line Management Node) Files   *.lmn
LogASCII (LAS) Files     *.las
Lowrance LCM (MapCreate) Format     *.lcm
Lowrance SL2 Sonar Log CSV files   *.csv
Lowrance SonarViewer/SonarLog (SLG) Format   *.slg
Lowrance USR *.usr
MagicMaps IKT Files     *.IKT
MapBox MBTiles Format   *.mbtiles; *.sqlite
MapBox Vector Tiles Format   *.mbtiles
MapGen *.dat
MapInfo MIF/MID and TAB/MAP Formats *.mif; *.tab
MapMaker DRA (Drawing) Files     *.dra
MapMaker Terrain File *.ter
MapTech Nautical Charts (PCX Format)     *.hdr
MapTech Topo Maps and Aerial Navigation Charts      
Marplot MIE Files     *.mie
Matlab *.dat
MicroDEM DEM     *.dem
Micropath 3CD Format     *.3CD
Micropath NED Files     *.mpz
Microsoft Access Database   *.mdb
Microsoft SQL    
MicroStation DGN Format *.dgn
Moss file *.mss; *.inp
MPR/MPH (German Topo Map) Files     *.MPR
MSI Planet Format     *_dtm; height*; hgt_*; *.dat; *.bin; *.he; *.cl
MySQL Spatial Database    
NDVI (MODIS Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) HDF5 Files      
NetCDF     *.nc
NIMA ASC/ASZ *.asc, *.asz
NIMA GNS (GeoNet Names Server) Format     *.txt
NITF - National Imagery Transmission Format *.NTF; *.NTF*; *.NSF; *.HR?
NMEA data    
NMF (ArcGIS Explorer Map) Format     *.nmf
NMGF (Noise Model Grid Format)     *.grd
NOAA DSDATA Geodetic Control, SDTS Format      
NOAA TerrainBase Elevation Data     *.bin; *.bin.gz;
NOAA/NGA Geoid binary grid shift files      
NOAA/NGS Geoid Model Format   *.asc, *.asc.gz
NOS/GEO Marine Charts     *.GEO
Nsidc Ice Velocity Extraction (Golive)      
NTF Grid/Contour Format     *.NTF
NV Verlag Marine Charts     *.EAP
OBJ (Wavefront) *.obj
OCAD .OCD Files     *.ocd
OGC GeoPackage   *.gpkg
OpenAir Airspace Format     *.txt
OpenFlight (Presagis) Files   *.flt
OpenStreetMap (OSM) Files and XML *.OSM; *.OSM.XML
Optimi Grid (Terrain or Clutter) *.ter; *.clu
Oracle Spatial Database    
Orca XML      
OSM Tile List     *.txt
OTF (Objective Terrain Format)     *.dhf
OziExplorer OZFx2 and OZFx3 Formats     *.ozf2; *.ozfx3
OziExplorer Waypoint (WPT), Route (RTE), and Track (PLT) Files     *.plt; *.rte; *.wpt
Pathfinder AVHRR (Sea Surface Temperature) Files      
PCI Geomatics PIX Files     *.pix
PCI RAW/AUX     *.raw
PCX Files *.PCX
PDS (Vicar) Files     *.img
PGM Grayscale Grid Format   *.pgm
Platte River ASCII Digitizer Format *.dat
PLS-CADD XYZ Files *.xyz
PLY (Stanford Polygon Library) *.ply
PNG Image with World File *.png; *.jpg; *.bmp
Polish MP (cGPSMapper) Format *.MP
PostGIS Spatial Database    
QCT (Quick Chart) and QED Files     *.qed, *.QCT
Raster Product Format Frame Files   *.??1; *.??2; *.??3; *.??4; *.??5; *.??6; *.??7; *.??8; *.??9; *.??A; *.??B; *.??C; *.??D; *.??E; *.??F; *.??G; *.??H; *.??J; *.ovr
RAW Imagery BIL/BSQ/BIP/RAW Imagery *.raw
RDTED (Re-gridded DTED) Files     a.toc
RIK (Swedish Topo Map) Files     *.RIK
RMaps SQLite Format   *.sqlitedb
Rockworks Grid *.grd
Rockworks XML Grid     *.RwGrd
S-57 Digital Chart Files with S-52 symbols     *.000
S-63 Encrypted Digital Chart Files     *.000
SEGP1 Seismic Shotpoint Format *.seg; *.sp1; *.p190; *.sht; *.190; *.uko*
SEGY Seismic Shotpoint Format     *.sgy
Sketchup .skp *.skp
SMT KINGDOM Software Planimetric Polygon Format *.plg; *.dat; *.txt
SOSI Files *.sos
Spatialite   *.sqlite
SPEI (Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index) Files      
SPS (Shell Processing Support)     *.s; *.r; *.sps; *.rps; *.s01; *.r01
SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)   *.hgt; *.srtm; *.dem; *.gz
STL (StereoLithography) Files *.stl
Surfer BLN Files *.bln
Surfer Grid (ASCII and Binary) Format Files *.grd; *.grd.gz
Swedish DEM Grid     *.dat
TAF (Italian Cadastral Exchange Format)     *.taf
Terragen Terrain Format   *.ter
TerraScan .bin/.ts Format     *.ts; *.bin
TIGER/Line Files     *.rt1
Tile server (ESRI Restful, etc.)      
TMC Locations Files     points.dat
TMS (Tile Map Service) Tiles    
Tobin .bas (TDRBM II) Format     *.bas
Tobin WCS (Well Coordinate Service)     *.WCS
TomTom OV2 Files   *.ov2
Trimble Field Level Survey and Applied XML     *.xml
Trimble GGF Geoid Grid     *.ggf
Trimble WM applied survey XML files      
TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) HDF5 Files     *.bin; *.bin.gz
Tsunami OVR *.ovr
U3D (Universal 3D)   *.u3d
UKOOA p1/90 Seismic Shotpoint Format *.seg; *.sp1; *.p190; *.sht; *.190; *.uko*
UKOOA P6/98 Seismic Binning Grid     *.p698; *.698
Unity RAW Terrain/Texture      
US Geoid09 Grid     *.bin
USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) *.dem; *.dem.gz; *.dat; *.gz; *.1; *.2
USGS Digital Elevation Model, GeoTIFF Format *.tif, *.tiff
USGS Digital Elevation Model, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DEM/SDTS)     *catd.ddf
USGS Digital Line Graph, Optional Format (DLG-O) *.dlg; *.do; *.opt; *.cdo; *.do.gz; *.opt.gz; *.cdo.gz; *.tvc.gz; *.gz; *.0sf; *.0af; *.tvc
USGS Digital Line Graph, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DLG/SDTS)     *catd.ddf
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), GeoTIFF Format *.tif*
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), JPG w/ Native Header Format     *.jpg
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), Native USGS Format     *.sec; *.nec; *.swc; *.nwc
USGS Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) *.drg
USGS EarthExplorer Coverage CSV Files     *.csv
USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)     *.gnis, *.csv
USGS Land Use and Land Cover Data (LULC)     *.lulc; *.gz; *.gir
USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) - ArcGrid, BIL, Grid Float Format *_fp; demfloat; *.flt
USGS National Map Coverage CSV files     *.csv
USGS Standard Format (SF) Binary Grid     *.grd
Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) Grid/Clutter Files *.grd; *.grc
VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) HDF5 Files      
VPF (VMAP0, VMAP1, DNC) Files     dht
VRML, VRML World File   *wrz, *
Vulcan3D Triangulation (.00t) Files *.00t
WAsP .MAP Format *.map
WAsP Resource Grid     *.wrg; *.rsf
WCS (Web Coverage Service)      
WFS (Web Feature Service)      
WindSim GWS   *.gws
WMS (Web Map Service)      
WMTS (Tiled WMS)      
World Wind Tiles   *.xml, *.jpg
XTF (eXtended Triton) Format     *.xtf
XY Color text file *.txt, *.csv, *.tsv, *.xyz
XY Harris Multilayer    
XYZI *xyzi
XYZ Text File (Vectors) *.xyz
XYZ Grid and SmartGrid (Terrain) *.xyz
ZFS (Z+F) Lidar     *.zfs
Zmap Plus Grid Files *.asc; *.dat; *.zgf
ZMap+ Fault Polygon Text Files     *.dat
ZMap+ IsoMap Line and XYSegID Text Files *.dat, *.txt
Zoomify Format