Label Layer

Labels can be separated into a layer of their own, called a label layer. Because labels in a label layer function much like point features, this option allows the user to have much greater control over the location and style of labels. The Labels tab in the Vector Options window (shown below) for a loaded vector data layer includes the option to "Create a Separate Label Layer," which will enable this feature if selected and applied.

Access the Vector Options window from the Overlay Control Center, by double-clicking on the layer name or by using the Layer Options button.

Selecting Labels

Once a layer label has been created, labels can be selected with the Select Labels tool in the Digitizer toolbar. One or more labels can be selected at once, by clicking directly on them or by dragging to select multiple labels.

Once selected, labels can be moved around by enabling the Move Selected Feature(s) tool, and then clicking and dragging them to the new location. For convenience, whenever the Select Labels tool is first selected, the Move Selected Feature(s) tool is automatically enabled as well.

In addition to the standard Digitizer options, there are several options specifically for labels that are available in the right-click menu whenever labels are selected:

Edit Label Text - This will open a pop-up window to modify the text of the selected label feature.

Edit Label Feature Style - This will open a window to change the font and style of the selected label feature.

Delete Label Feature - This will remove the label feature in the label layer.

Restore Original Position of Label - If you have moved a label around to a new position, selecting this option will bring it back to its original location.

Apply the Attribute Value to Labels

When creating labels, whether as a separate layer or not, there are three options to choose from regarding how the chosen attribute value for the vector data will be applied to the label. These options will appear in a pop-up window (shown below) after any changes in the Labels tab are applied, or after OK is clicked.

Link - This will get the label text from the selected attribute, and will link the label and attribute so that the label is automatically updated if the attribute value changes.

Replace - This will copy the selected attribute value to the <Feature Name> field, and use it for the label.

Update - This will copy the selected attribute to the <Feature Name> field, and use it for the label, only if <Feature Name> is empty.

Note: For more information about all of the options available in the Layers tab of the Vector Options window, please see the Labels Tab page.