Search Vector Data

The Search Vector Data tool searches for features in all loaded vector data by attribute value, name, feature index within the layer, and description /type. When selected, the Search Vector Data (below) dialog is displayed.

The search vector data tool can be accessed from the Search Menu Search by Attribute, Name and Description. It can also be accessed from the Search Vector Data button on the Tools Toolbar, or the Search button on the Attribute Editor.

  The Search Vector Data button also displays an Attribute Editor Search Results list of all of the vector features (areas, lines, points and/or lidar) which match the specified Search Criteria. The Search Criteria can be applied to any attribute value of the loaded features, the display label field, or the description/ type field.

The default search query will display all features in all layers. To change the default see General Configuration

Attribute Editor (Search Results) 

The results of the search will display in the Attribute Editor labeled (Search Results) anytime the search is performed on multiple layers.

The attribute list for a particular layer can also be accessed from the Control Center right-click menu Edit Attributes... option. When the search is on multiple layers, the attributes will be sorted alphabetically.

For more information on interacting with the Attribute Editor, see the Attribute Editor

ADVANCED USERS: You can change the default search string from '*' to whatever you want by creating a new registry string value with the desired default search string at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Global Mapper\DefaultVectorSearchStr".