Advanced Configuration


User Data

Specify the location of the user data folder. The user data folder contains custom styles, templates, added online sources, and a number of other files related to customization.

Temporary Files

Some downloading of online data or data processing requires the creation of temporary files. This setting specifies the location for these files. By default they are set to the local temp directory, which can be routinely cleaned in Windows.


Log Detail Level

Specify the level of logging information for troubleshooting.

Use Custom Log File Location

Specify a custom log file location. The default location is the User Data folder specified above.

Miscellaneous Options

Save World/ Prj Files for Downloaded Tiles

If selected, tiles downloaded from online sources will save associated projection files.

Copy Error Text to Windows Clipboard

If selected, text displayed on any error dialogs will be automatically copied to the clipboard as text (for pasting). DE-select this if the clipboard is being used for other tasks, so that data is not inadvertently erased when a Global Mapper process fails and shows an error.

Open New Instance When Open File from Explorer

If selected, clicking a workspace file in Windows Explorer will open the workspace in a new Global Mapper window, rather than loading inside the current application window.

Allow RUN_COMMAND (i.e. External Programs) in Scripts

The RUN_COMMAND can be called in scripts and workspaces and will run external programs. This is enabled by default. Un-check this option to disable this for security. This setting can only be controlled from the application interface, not from scripting.