Special Attributes & ASCII Field Options

This document describes some of the recognized field names in Global Mapper when loading generic ASCII data files (i.e. .txt, .csv, .xyz, etc.). This is not a complete list. For good examples, try creating or loading vector data and setting it up how you want it to display, then use the File->Export Vector->Export Simple ASCII Text File menu command and check all attribute export options to get a sample text file with supported fields.

NAME, LABEL –the feature name: A-Z, 0-9

DESC, DESCRIPTION, LAYER, TYPE –feature description: A-Z, 0-9

GM_TYPE –classification other than default for the feature. The value of this or the description should match the name of a classification in Global Mapper in order for auto-assignment of classification on load to occur. See the Area Styles, Line Styles, and Point Styles tabs of the Configuration dialog for a list of available type names. If no GM_TYPE field is present but a recognized description field (see above) is present that matches a type name, it will be used for the type assignment.

ELEVATION, ELEV, Z, HEIGHT, DEPTH, Altitude –value will be used as feature’s elevation: +/-0-99999

IMAGE_LINK, FILE_LNK_1, FILE_LINK_2, etc. - These attributes are recognized by the feature info tool. IMAGE_LINK will automatically open the link with the generic photo viewer when using the feature info tool. FILE_LINK_1, etc. will provide the following options when selecting with the info tool:

Style Attributes

SYMBOL, POINT SYMBOL, POINT_SYMBOL –if this value matches one of the following values, that symbol will be used for the point feature, attribute names are ignored for line features. The symbol name should either exactly match one of the symbol names in Global Mapper, or be in one of the following forms:

Where the <SIZE> value is the radius in pixels of the dot or square or size of the cross or bar, and the <RED>, <GREEN>, and <BLUE> values represent the color to use.

Some of the symbol names supported in Global Mapper are as follows:

ANGLE, SYM_ANGLE – specifies the angle (in degrees clockwise) to rotate the symbol for this point.

COLOR –formatted as RGB (red, green, blue). In the absence of specific fill or line color, it will be used

LINE COLOR, LINE_COLOR, BORDER COLOR, BORDER_COLOR,  PEN COLOR, PEN_COLOR –formatted as RGB (red 0-255, green 0-255, blue 0-255)


WIDTH_M, LINE_WIDTH_METERS - width of line in meters. The pixel width will vary as you zoom in and out.


Some of the line style names supported in Global Mapper are as follows:

FILL STYLE, FILL_STYLE –in order to use a fill style you must include CLOSED=TRUE

Some of the area style names supported in Global Mapper are as follows:

FILL COLOR, FILL_COLOR –RGB(red 0-255, green 0-255, blue 0-255), in order to use fill color you must include CLOSED=TRUE

FILL_ALPHA - specifies the transparency level for a solid filled area feature. The valid values are from 0 to 255, with 0 being completely transparent and 255 being completely opaque.

CLOSED – if this is set to “YES” or “TRUE”, the feature will be treated as a closed area feature and if it has at least vertices

ISLAND – if this is set to “YES” or “TRUE”, the feature will be treated as an island of the previous closed parent area feature if it has at least three vertices.  If there are no previous parent areas, this attribute will be ignored.

FONT_NAME - Set to the face name to use for displaying labels for this feature. For example, use FONT_NAME="Arial" to make the feature use an Arial font.

FONT_SIZE - Specifies the font point size to use for displaying labels for this feature. For example, use FONT_SIZE=12 for a 12 point font.

FONT_COLOR - Specifies the color to use for the displaying labels for this feature. Formatted as RGB (red 0-255, green 0-255, blue 0-255). For example, to use a white font, use FONT_COLOR="RGB(255,255,255)".

FONT_ANGLE - Specifies the angle in degrees at which to display the font for this point feature. Angles start at 0 for normal horizontal text and proceed counter-clockwise.

FONT_HEIGHT_METERS or FONT_HT_M - Specifies the height (in meters) to display labels for this feature. Use this option to display a label that is a fixed size on the map rather than a fixed size relative to the screen.

FONT_STYLE - Specifies the style options to use for the font. Just specify each style that you want separated by a comma. The following styles are supported:

Some of the font style names supported in Global Mapper are as follows:

FONT_WEIGHT - Specifies the numeric weight of font to use. These are the normal font weights used in windows with the following numeric values (for example, use FONT_WEIGHT=700 for a bold font):





















FONT_PLACEMENT - Specifies how to place a label relative to a point feature. The following numeric values are supported:

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