globalmapper.ProjectPointListArr(GM_Point_t aPointArray, uint32 aPointArraySize, float aElevations, GM_Projection_t aProjIn, GM_Projection_t aProjOut) GM_Error_t32[source]

Projects a list of points from one projection to another. This is an alternative signature for the ProjectPointList function.

  • aPointArray (GM_Point_t) – IN/OUT: List of points to convert and buffer to hold converted points

  • aPointArraySize (uint32) – Count of points in aPointArray

  • aElevations (float) – Optional list of elevations (in meters above ellipsoid surface) to do conversions at. Use gm.NULL or 0 for default conversion at ellipsoid surface

  • aProjIn (GM_Projection_t) – projection to convert from (use None for current)

  • aProjTo (GM_Projection_t) – projection to convert to (use None for current)


Error Code

Return type