globalmapper.ProjectPointList([GM_Point_t] aPointList, [float] aElevationList, GM_Projection_t aProjIn, GM_Projection_t aProjTo) GM_Error_t32[source]

Projects a list of points from one coordinate system to another. By default each conversion is done at the ellipsoid surface, but if you provide a list of elevation values (one for each point) you can have the calculation done at some arbitrary height relative to the ellipsoid surface. If None is passed for either projection parameter, the current view projection will be used. If any of the reprojections fail, GM_Error_Projection will be returned.

Note that the reprojected points are returned through the same variable in which they were given, aPointList, which can be either a list or a single GM_Point_t.

If you need to reproject a large number of points this is much faster than making separate calls to ProjectPoint for each point feature.

  • aPointList ([GM_Point_t]) – IN/OUT: List of points to convert and buffer to hold converted points

  • aElevationList ([float]) – Optional list of elevations (in meters above ellipsoid surface) to do conversions at. Use None for default conversion at ellipsoid surface

  • aProjIn (GM_Projection_t) – Projection to convert from (use None for current)

  • aProjTo (GM_Projection_t) – Projection to convert to (use None for current)


Error Code

Return type