globalmapper.CreateCustomRasterLayer(str aDescription, GM_Projection_t aProj, GM_RasterLayout_t aRasterLayout, int aDataBuf) GM_LayerHandle_t32[source]

Creates a new custom layer that represents an in-memory raster. The handle to the newly created layer is returned. You must call CloseLayer on the returned handle when you are done with it. If a problem occurs, 0 is returned for the layer handle. The returned layer handle can be used just like any other layer handle.

  • aDescription (str) – Description to use for layer (can be None to use default)

  • aProj (GM_Projection_t) – Native projection of new layer

  • aRasterLayout (GM_RasterLayout_t) – Raster layer layout

  • aDataBuf (int) – Pointer to array of raster data values in row-major order


The new custom raster layer

Return type