globalmapper.CreateCustomElevGridLayerEx(str aDescription, GM_Projection_t aProj, GM_GridLayout_t aGridLayout, int aElevGrid, int aReserved) GM_LayerHandle_t32[source]

Creates a new custom layer that represents an in-memory elevation grid located at the pointer given in aElevGrid. The handle to the newly created layer is returned. You must call CloseLayer on the returned handle when you are done with it. If a problem occurs, 0x0 is returned for the layer handle.

The returned layer handle can be used just like any other layer handle. This means that you can do things like generate contours and calculate view sheds using the data.

  • aDescription (str) – Description to use for layer (can be None to use default)

  • aProj (GM_Projection_t) – Native projection of new layer

  • aGridLayout (GM_GridLayout_t) – Grid layer layout and type

  • aElevGrid (int) – Pointer to an array of elevation values in an order defined by mFlags in aGridLayout. Row-major order by default.

  • aReserved (int) – Reserved for future use; must be 0.


The newly created elevation grid layer

Return type