globalmapper.SetLidarPoint(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aLayer, uint64 aPointIndex, GM_LidarPoint_t aLidarPoint, int aReserved) GM_Error_t32[source]

Sets a Lidar point feature in the given layer. The indexes should be in the range [0, GM_LayerInfo_t.mNumLidarPoints).

You should use GetLidarPoint to first get the values for a Lidar point before updating the values in the structure. Note this could be extremely slow if you are modifying very large numbers of Lidar points. If you need to do that, contact us and we can add a new mechanism for editing Lidar data that is efficient for large sets.

  • aLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Layer to get point from

  • aPointIndex (uint64) – Index of Lidar point feature to update

  • aLidarPoint (GM_LidarPoint_t) – Lidar point to update

  • aReserved (int) – Reserved for future use; must be 0.


Error Code

Return type