globalmapper.SetLidarClassInfo(GM_LidarClass_t8 aLidarClass, GM_LidarClassInfo_t aClassInfo) GM_Error_t32[source]

Sets information (name, color, group mask) for the given Lidar classification. To restore the class information to the default, pass in None for the class information structure. To just change one piece of information (i.e. color), you should first call GetLidarClassInfo to get the existing class info, then just change the piece you want and call SetLidarClassInfo with the update class info structure.

  • aLidarClass (GM_LidarClass_t8) – Lidar class to set info for

  • aClassInfo (GM_LidarClassInfo_t) – New type info to use for Lidar class (None to reset to default)


Error Code

Return type