Types for Exporting

The following types are used as parameters and return values in functions related to exporting GlobalMapper layers and workspaces. These types use fixed, numeric constants, which are defined here.


List of supported elevation export types

GM_Export_GMG = 0

Global Mapper Grid format

GM_Export_BIL = 1

BIL format

GM_Export_Erdas_Elevation = 2

Erdas Imagine IMG format with elevation data

GM_Export_Surfer_ASCII = 3

Surfer ASCII Grid

GM_Export_Surfer_Binary_v6 = 4

Surfer Binary Grid v6

GM_Export_Surfer_Binary_v7 = 5

Surfer Binary Grid v7

GM_Export_DEM = 6


GM_Export_XYZ_ASCII_Grid = 7

XYZ ASCII Grid file

GM_Export_Arc_ASCII_Grid = 8

Arc Info ASCII Grid format

GM_Export_ElevGeoTIFF = 9

Vertical GeoTIFF format

GM_Export_DXF_Point = 10

DXF 3D Point format

GM_Export_Float_Grid = 11

Float/Grid format

GM_Export_DTED = 12

DTED format

GM_Export_Vertical_Mapper_Grid = 13

Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) grid format

GM_Export_Windsim_GWS = 14

Windsim GWS

GM_Export_VRML = 15


GM_Export_STL = 16

STL (ASCII format)

GM_Export_STL_Binary = 17

STL (binary format)

GM_Export_EsriGDB_Elevation = 18

Esri Geodatabase

GM_Export_Vulcan_TIN = 19

Vulcan .00t Triangulation

GM_Export_Geosoft_Grid = 20

Geosoft Grid format

GM_Export_NumElevationFormats = 21


CAD export type

GM_CADType_DWG = 0


GM_CADType_DXF = 1


GM_CADType_BinaryDXF = 2

AutoCAD Binary DXF


Versions for DWG export


GM_ExportDWG_VerDefault = 0

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC1_2 = 1

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC1_40 = 2

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC1_50 = 3

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC2_20 = 4

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC2_10 = 5

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC2_21 = 6

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC2_22 = 7

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1001 = 8

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1002 = 9

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC025 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1002

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1003 = 10

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC026 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1003

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1004 = 11

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC09 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1004

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1005 = 12

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1006 = 13

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC10 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1006

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1007 = 14

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1008 = 15

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1009 = 16

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC12 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1009

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1010 = 17

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1011 = 18

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1012 = 19

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC13 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1012

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1013 = 20

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC14beta= = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1013

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1014 = 21

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC14 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1014

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1500 = 22

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1015 = 23

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC15 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1015

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1800a = 24

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1800 = 25

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC18 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1800

GM_ExportDWG_Ver2100a = 26

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1021 = 27

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC21 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1021

GM_ExportDWG_Ver2400a = 28

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1024 = 29

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC24 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1024

GM_ExportDWG_Ver2700a = 30

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1027 = 31

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC27 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1027

GM_ExportDWG_Ver1032 = 33

GM_ExportDWG_VerAC32 = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1032

GM_ExportDWG_VerNewest = GM_ExportDWG_Ver1032

export the newest supported version


Flags to control DWG/DWG exports

GM_ExportDXF_UseLabelsForLayers = 0x00000001

Use feature labels, if present, for layer names rather than feature types/descriptions

GM_ExportDXF_UseZeroWidthLines = 0x00000002

Export all lines as 0 width to prevent compatibility problems with some software

GM_ExportDXF_TextSizeAbsolute = 0x00000004

Is the mTenPointFontHeight really the absolute height in file unit to make all text?

GM_ExportDXF_ExportElevLinesAs2D = 0x00000008

Export lines with a single elevation (like contours) as 2D lines rather than 3D with a separate elevation for each vertex

GM_ExportDXF_AllowLongLabels = 0x00000010

Don’t truncate labels at 31 characters

GM_ExportDXF_ExportECEF = 0x00000020

Export ECEF (Earth-Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates

GM_ExportDXF_PreserveAttributes = 0x00000040

Preserve all feature attributes

GM_ExportDXF_UseLegacyExporter = 0x00000080

Use the legacy DXF exporter from before Global Mapper (SDK) v22.0

GM_ExportDXF_ExportProjection = 0x00000100

Embed the current projection in the output DWG/DXF file


This enumeration lists the ways that line and area labels can be exported to DXF/DWG files.

GM_ExportDXF_NoLabels = 0

No line or area feature labels will be exported

GM_ExportDXF_LabelsAsPointsFeatureLayer = 1

GM_ExportDXF_LabelsAsPoints = 2

Line and area feature labels will be exported as separate text entities in their own text layer

GM_ExportDXF_LabelsAsAttrs = 3

Line and area feature labels will be exported as attributes of those entities

GM_ExportDXF_LabelsNumOpts = 4


Special definitions for export resampling


Use default export resampling based on setting to auto or use layer


Use automatic resampling if enabled


Use original layer resampling method


Use a specific resampling method. The lower 8 bits are a GM_SamplingMethod_t8 type


Export type flags for determining what type of layer/export we are doing. You can combine multiple of these in a single bit mask.


GM_LayerType_ELEVATION = 0x00000001

GM_LayerType_RASTER = 0x00000002

GM_LayerType_VECTOR = 0x00000004

GM_LayerType_WEB = 0x00000010

GM_LayerType_DB_VECTOR = 0x00000020

GM_LayerType_DB_RASTER = 0x00000040

GM_LayerType_LIDAR = 0x00000080

Does the format support Lidar point clouds?

GM_LayerType_3D = 0x00000100

Is it a 3D model format?

GM_LayerType_SUPPORTS_NON_SPATIAL = 0x00000200

Is it a format that supports non-spatial data?

GM_LayerType_FLYTHROUGH = 0x00000400

Vector format that supports fly-through path data

GM_LayerType_AllTypes = 0xFFFFFFFF

Mask with all types


Flags for package export

GM_ExportPackage_LatLongWGS84 = 0x00000001

Export data in lat/lon/WGS84 coordinates rather than the current projection or native projection of each layer

GM_ExportPackage_DoublePrecision = 0x00000002

Use double-precision coordinates for vector data.

GM_ExportPackage_DiscardAttributes = 0x00000004

Discard vector feature attributes

GM_ExportPackage_HideProgress = 0x00000008

Don’t show export progress

GM_ExportPackage_KeepAllStyles = 0x00000010

Keep all style information, even if features are using default style

GM_ExportPackage_UseNativeProj = 0x00000020

Use the native projection for each layer rather than the current projection or lat/lon/WGS84

GM_ExportPackage_CombineVectorLayers= = 6

GM_ExportPackage_ExtraElevPrecision = 0x00000080

Store elevation values from elevation grid files with extra precision

GM_ExportPackage_EmbedImages = 0x00000100

Embed associated images (primary image only, use GM_ExportPackage_EmbedImagesAll to embed all)

GM_ExportPackage_NoAreaFeatures = 0x00000200

Don’t export areas

GM_ExportPackage_NoLineFeatures = 0x00000400

Don’t export lines

GM_ExportPackage_NoPointFeatures = 0x00000800

Don’t export points

GM_ExportPackage_MobileFormat = 0x00001000

Export using mobile format

GM_ExportPackage_IncludeThumbnail = 0x00002000

Include a thumbnail image

GM_ExportPackage_UseJP2 = 0x00004000

Save raster layers as JPEG 2000 if RGB or GeoTIFF if palette based.

GM_ExportPackage_AlwaysUseJP2 = 0x00008000

Save all raster layers as JPEG 2000. Will lose palette info if given. Ignore GM_ExportPackage_UseJP2 flag.

GM_ExportPackage_SortLidar = 0x00010000

Spatially sort Lidar point clouds for faster interaction with data. Note the original record number is lost when this is done.

GM_ExportPackage_ResampleExternally = 0x00020000

If a layer has a resampling method set, export using nearest neighbor and auto-select resampling method at load time

GM_ExportPackage_KeepHiddenFeatures = 0x00040000

Include all features even if they are unchecked in a type filter or otherwise hidden

GM_ExportPackage_IgnoreBounds = 0x00080000

Ignore the export bounds, include the full layer for all passed in data (can be useful if some data isn’t really projected)

GM_ExportPackage_IncludeViewBounds = 0x00100000

Include view bounds (for GMM 2.2 or later)

GM_ExportPackage_EmbedImagesAll = 0x00200000

Embed all image files referenced in feature attributes


This enumeration lists various flags for a PDF export

GM_PDF_FillPage = 0x00000001

Expand export bounds to fill page

GM_PDF_Landscape = 0x00000002

Use landscape orientation

GM_PDF_UseFilenamesForLayers = 0x00000004

Use name of file features are from for layer names instead of feature type name

GM_PDF_BorderStyleValid = 0x00000008

Use border style settings

GM_PDF_HideProgress = 0x00000010

Disable progress display during export

GM_PDF_NoJPGCompression = 0x00000020

Don’t use JPG compression for images

GM_PDF_DontIncludeMapLayout = 0x00000040

Don’t include map layout elements like distance scale, elevation legend, etc.


Flags for raster (i.e. GeoTIFF, JPG) image and elevation grid export


General export flags

GM_ExportFlags_GenWorldFile = 0x00000001

Generate a world file

GM_ExportFlags_GenPRJFile = 0x00000002

Generate a projection (PRJ) file

GM_ExportFlags_GenTABFile = 0x00000004

Generate a MapInfo TAB file

GM_ExportFlags_Grayscale = 0x00000008

Generate a grayscale image (raster only)

GM_ExportFlags_Palette = 0x00000010

Generate a paletted image (raster only)

GM_ExportFlags_HideProgress = 0x00000020

Don’t show export progress

GM_ExportFlags_JPGinTIFF = 0x00000040

Create a JPG compressed GeoTIFF file (GM_Export_GeoTIFF format only)

GM_ExportFlags_FillSmallGaps = 0x00000080

Fill small gaps in data when exporting elevation data

GM_ExportFlags_AllowLossy = 0x00000100

Allow lossy export to GMG

GM_ExportFlags_16BitSamples = 0x00000200

Use signed 16-bit integer elevation values (GM_Export_BIL and GM_Export_Erdas_Elevation formats only)

GM_ExportFlags_UseLZW = 0x00000400

Use LZW compression for GeoTIFF file (GM_Export_GeoTIFF format only)

GM_ExportFlags_NoTransparent = 0x00000800

Don’t mark background pixels transparent for PNG file (GM_Export_PNG format only)

GM_ExportFlags_AddAlpha = 0x00001000

Add an alpha channel to formats that support it (need for GM_Export_GeoTIFF [24-bit only], enabled by default for GM_Export_PNG)

GM_ExportFlags_SeparateVectorLayers = 0x00002000

Draw each vector separately rather than drawing all at once when exporting vector data

GM_ExportFlags_HidePartialLabels = 0x00004000

Don’t draw any labels that are only partially within the export box

GM_ExportFlags_ExportSlopeValues = 0x00008000

Export slope values rather than elevation values (GM_Export_FloatGrid only)

GM_ExportFlags_ExportSlopeDirValues = 0x00010000

Export slope direction values rather than elevation values (GM_Export_FloatGrid only)

GM_ExportFlags_UseEsriHdrFormat = 0x00020000

Export ESRI format HDR for GM_Export_BIL format

GM_ExportFlags_BigEndian = 0x00040000

Save big endian elevation samples for GM_Export_BIL format

GM_ExportFlags_ForceSquareSamples = 0x00080000

Force square samples in the export. The provided pixel dimensions will be altered to get close, then the provided bounds will grow in one direction to make this happen

GM_ExportFlags_NoCompression = 0x00100000

Disable compression (GM_Export_GeoTIFF format only)

GM_ExportFlags_UseRGBIfTooManyColors= = 21

GM_ExportFlags_SkipEmpty = 0x00400000

Abort if empty

GM_ExportFlags_GenAuxXmlFile = 0x00800000

Generate an ESRI .aux.xml file with the projection in it

GM_ExportFlags_UseDeflate = 0x01000000

Use Deflate/Zip compression for GeoTIFF file (GM_Export_GeoTIFF format only)

GM_ExportFlags_ExcludeVectorLayers = 0x02000000

Should we exclude any vector layers from the export?

GM_ExportFlags_IncludeMapLayout = 0x04000000

Should we include enabled map layout elements like distance scale, elevation legend, legend, etc.?

GM_ExportFlags_UseNearBlack = 0x08000000

Export pixels that are almost black instead of black, i.e., change RGB(0,0,0) to RGB(1,1,1) (GM_Export_GeoTIFF, RGB export only)

Flags for choosing best out of provided raster layers for export

GM_ExportFlags_BestRasterLayers = 0x10000000

Only draw the best raster layers for this zoom scale

GM_ExportFlags_BestRasterLayersHiRes= = 0x30000000

GM_ExportFlags_LowResRasterLayers = 0x20000000

Only draw the lowest resolution raster layers

GM_ExportFlags_HiResRasterLayers = 0x40000000

Only draw the highest resolution raster layers

GM_ExportFlags_BestRasterChart = 0x50000000

Only draw the best raster chart (this is tuned for marine chart display)

Definitions for masks of various option bits

GM_ExportFlags_RasterMask = 0xF0000000

Mask for raster draw options


List of supported raster export types

GM_Export_GeoTIFF = 0

GeoTIFF format

GM_Export_JPG = 1

JPG format

GM_Export_PNG = 2

PNG format

GM_Export_Erdas_Imagine = 3

Erdas Imagine IMG format

GM_Export_BMP = 4

BMP (Windows) format

GM_Export_ECW = 5

ECW format

GM_Export_BIL_Raster = 6

BIL format raster (RGB or grayscale)

GM_Export_JPEG2000 = 7

JPEG 2000 format

GM_Export_NITF = 8

NITF format

GM_Export_BIP = 9

BIP format raster (band interleaved pixel)

GM_Export_BSQ = 10

BSQ format raster (band sequential)

GM_Export_EsriGDB_Raster = 11

Esri Geodatabase

GM_Export_CADRG_CIB = 12

CADRG/CIB (RPF) format (NOTE: must use GM_ExportRasterEx for this format to provide additional parameters)

GM_Export_GMG_WebTiles = 13

Global Mapper Grid (GMG) format used as web tiles

GM_Export_NumRasterFormats = 14


Flags for vector (i.e. DXF, Shapefile) export

GM_VectorExportFlags_GenPRJFile = 0x00000001

Generate a projection (PRJ) file

GM_VectorExportFlags_HideProgress = 0x00000002

Don’t show export progress

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAreas = 0x00000004

Export area features

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportLines = 0x00000008

Export line features

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportPoints = 0x00000010

Export point/text features

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAttrs = 0x00000020

Export feature attributes (when applicable)

GM_VectorExportFlags_Export3D = 0x00000040

Export 3D features if applicable

GM_VectorExportFlags_NoHeaderRow = 0x00000080

(GM_Export CSV only) Don’t include a header row

GM_VectorExportFlags_IncludeLatLonCols = 0x00000100

(GM_Export CSV only) Include latitude and longitude columns

GM_VectorExportFlags_NoLatLonFormatting = 0x00000200

(GM_Export CSV only) Export lat/lon columns as raw numbers (i.e. no breaking into DD MM SS, etc.)

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportMGRS = 0x00000400

(GM_Export CSV only) Export MGRS column

GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAll = GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAreas | GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportLines | GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportPoints


List of supported vector export types

GM_Export_DXF = 0

DXF format - use GM_ExportOptsDXF_DWG_t for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector (can be gm.NULL)

GM_Export_Shapefile = 1

Shapefile format - use GM_ExportOptsSHP_t for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector (can be gm.NULL)

GM_Export_KML = 2

KML format - use GM_ExportOptsKML_t for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector (can be gm.NULL) - pass .KMZ filename to create KMZ file

GM_Export_MapInfo_MIF = 3

MapInfo MIF/MID format - pass gm.NULL for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector

GM_Export_MapInfo_TAB = 4

MapInfo TAB/MAP format - pass gm.NULL for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector

GM_Export_WaspMap = 5

WaSP Map format - pass gm.NULL for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector

GM_Export_SimpleText = 6

Simple ASCII Text file format - use GM_ExportOptsSimpleText_t for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector (can be gm.NULL)

GM_Export_CSV = 7

CSV file format - pass gm.NULL for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector

GM_Export_SVG = 8

SVG file format - pass gm.NULL for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector

GM_Export_SpatialDB = 9

Spatial database table

GM_Export_DWG = 10

DWG format - use GM_ExportOptsDXF_DWG_t for aFormatOptions parameter to GM_ExportVector (can be gm.NULL)

GM_Export_NumVectorFormats = 11


This type represents flags available for web format exports

GM_WebExport_NoTransparency = 0x00000001

Don’t use transparency in exported files

GM_WebExport_DisplayResults = 0x00000002

Automatically load the results in a web browser/viewer

GM_WebExport_HideProgress = 0x00000004

Don’t show export progress

GM_WebExport_AddScaleBar = 0x00000008

Add scale bar control (Google Maps only)

GM_WebExport_AddMapTypeControl = 0x00000010

Add map type selector control (Google Maps only)

GM_WebExport_AddOverviewMap = 0x00000020

Add overview map control (Google Maps only)

GM_WebExport_AutoGrid = 0x00000040

Automatically grid for display (KML only - super overlays)

GM_WebExport_SkipEmptyTiles = 0x00000080

Don’t export empty tiles

GM_WebExport_WWUseJavaFilenames = 0x00000100

Use filenames for WorldWind Java edition

GM_WebExport_WWTransparentTiles = 0x00000200

Create transparent tiles

GM_WebExport_SkipExistingTiles = 0x00000400

Skip existing tiles

GM_WebExport_FillToTileBounds = 0x00000800

Fill to tile bounds

GM_WebExport_NoHtmlFile = 0x00001000

Just export tiles, no HTML file

GM_WebExport_ForcePalettePNG = 0x00002000

Always create 8-bit palette PNG files

GM_WebExport_DontDeleteCancel = 0x00004000

Don’t delete already exported tiles on cancel

GM_WebExport_OnlyGetTileCount = 0x00008000

Just get estimated count of tiles that would be exported and save in mTileCount pointer in web export structure

GM_WebExport_SaveVectorData = 0x00010000

Save vector data if loaded

GM_WebExport_GenWorldFiles = 0x00020000

Generate world files for each tile

GM_WebExport_FullTilesOnly = 0x00040000

Only export fully covered tiles

GM_WebExport_ForceTransPNG = 0x00080000

Force any transparent tiles to export as PNG

GM_WebExport_CreateRowFolders = 0x00100000

Create separate folders for each row of tiles

GM_WebExport_ClampToDataRes = 0x00200000

For a tiled GMG (terrain) export, clamp the most detailed zoom layer to the spacing of the input data rather than tile zoom resolution.

GM_WebExport_LatLonWGS84Tiles = 0x00400000

Use lat/lon/WGS84 tile schema rather than Web Mercator

GM_WebExport_AllowTileFillCrop = 0x00800000

Don’t ignore any crop areas for the export when GM_WebExport_FillToTileBounds is provided


List of supported web export types

GM_Export_GoogleMaps = 0

Google Maps format

GM_Export_VirtualEarth = 1

Virtual Earth (Bing Maps) format

GM_Export_KMLRaster = 2

KML/KMZ raster format

GM_Export_WorldWind = 3

WorldWind tile format

GM_Export_TMS = 4

TMS (Tile Map Service) tile format

GM_Export_OSM = 5

OSM (OpenStreetMap) tile format

GM_Export_MBTiles = 6

MBTiles format

GM_Export_RMaps = 7

RMaps format

GM_Export_Zoomify = 8

Zoomify web format

GM_Export_GeoPackage = 9

GeoPackage tiles

GM_Export_MBVTiles = 10

MapBox Vector Tiles format

GM_Export_NumWebFormats = 11

GM_Export_BingMaps = GM_Export_VirtualEarth

Bing Maps format