Dongle License

A dongle is a small USB hardware key that can be plugged into any PC with a USB port. The portable design the dongle license allows for movement of the Global Mapper licenses between machines without network connections or additional license files.

Suited for offline use the physical USB dongle key will be shipped to you with a USB drive containing the Global Mapper program installer and any necessary dongle drivers.

How to Connect a Dongle

HASP drivers are required to use the USB dongle, and many computers that are enabled with 'plug and play' and that are connected to the internet will download these automatically. If the drivers are not installed, it may be necessary to install them manually.

For manual installation the necessary drivers are available on the program USB drive that was shipped with the USB dongle key. After installing Global Mapper from this the USB drive you can proceed to install the Product named "Sentinel HASP USB drivers". The dongle driver install can also be downloaded from here.

The USB dongle key will need to remain plugged into your computer for the duration of the session in order to fully license the software.


When Global Mapper is opened on a machine with the USB dongle plugged in, the license should be automatically recognized and no licensing dialog should appear. If the dongle does not light up when Global Mapper is opened and a license dialog appears in the application, make sure the dongle driver has been installed. The dongle drivers can be downloaded from here. For some machines it is recommended to connect the dongle directly to the back of the machine if it is a tower.

Contact for further assistance.

Upgrading a Dongle License

In order to license a new version of Global Mapper an updated dongle license is required. To gather the needed information from your USB dongle, the HASPRUS utility program will be used. This program can be download from found under the Hasp Tools section, License update utility for Hardware licenses.

With the Hasp update utility downloaded, plug your dongle into the machine and open the HASPRUS.exe update utility program.

Press the Collect Information button.

Please email the generated *.c2v file and your current order number to to obtain a file to update the dongle license.

Note: Beginning with Global Mapper v20.1, each new version, including minor versions, requires a new license file. An order number with current Maintenance and Support can be used to license the new version.