Deleting and Undeleting Features

Any vector feature can be removed using the delete option. It is also possible to recover deleted features by un-deleting them. Global Mapper only reads the original imported file, rather that live editing the original data, so the feature will remain in the original file unless the file is overwritten. This is also true for features that were created in the workspace, and are not stored in an external file. They will still exist in the workspace as a feature marked as deleted. Deleted features are not included in exports.


To remove an unwanted feature, select the feature(s) with the Digitizer tool, then either select the Delete Selected Feature option from the right-click pop-up menu, from the top level Digitizer menu, or press the DELETE key. Once completed, the feature is marked as deleted and will no longer appear on the display unless the Render Deleted Features option is enabled on the Vector Rendering Configuration tab of the Configuration dialog.


To undo deletion of a feature, simple enable the Render Deleted Features option (see above) to show the deleted features, then select the deleted features and select the Undelete Feature(s) option from the right-click pop-up menu.

When Render Deleted Features is enabled, the attributes will appear in the Attribute Editor with a light gray text color. The features on the map will also be drawn in a light gray color.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Delete- Delete the selected feature(s)
  • Ctrl+Shift+D) - Render Deleted Features. Selecting this option will toggle the display of features that have been deleted from the workspace.