The Digitizer Tool allows you to modify existing vector features as well as create new vectors. This tool encompasses a wide range of functionality, from modifying the shape and position of area, line, and point features, to editing the attribution and drawing styles of individual vector features. The major activities available with the Digitizer Tool are described below.

Active the main digitizer tool by selecting the Digitizer button from the Selection Toolbar, or using the Alt + D keyboard shortcut.
Find advanced features of the digitizer tool by selecting relevant data with the digitizer, then right-clicking in the map for a context specific set of operations, or choosing from the available options in the Digitizer Menu.

The primary activity of the digitizer tool is to manually select vector features by left-clicking, clicking and dragging or enabling some of the advanced selection options such as Draw a Polygon.

With the Digitizer tool selected you also have the ability to select data and then right-click in the Main window for additional options in the context menu, or to choose from the same options in the top level Digitizer Menu. This includes adding additional measured or calculated attributes to the selected features, as well as generating new data layers based on the selected vectors and their geometry or spatial relationship with other features.

Touch Screen Gestures

  • Press and Hold to access right-click mouse functionality on a touch screen device.