MangoMap Account

When an account has not been previously connected to the machine, the Publish to MangoMap button will begin with account setup dialogs.

To create or connect to a MangoMap account, begin by logging in with your Blue Marble Geographics website credentials.

  1. Enter your website login information on the Blue Marble Geographics Login dialog.
  2. Choose an option to:
    • create a trial
    • connect to an existing subscription using an Activation Key emailed to you by Blue Marble Geographics after purchasing a Mango subscription
  3. Create the MangoMap Account credentials.
  4. Connect to the account to Publish to MangoMap

Note: Global Mapper can only publish to a MangoMap account purchased from Blue Marble Geographics.

Blue Marble Geographics Login

Log-in to Blue Marble Geographics using your website credentials. If you have trouble with your username and password, or need to create an account, press the Manage Login button or navigate directly to

If you are connecting to an existing Blue Marble Geographics MangoMap account purchased by someone else, you may still use your own credentials to log in to the Blue Marble website. Your Blue Marble Geographics login will be linked to the MangoMap order when you enter the Activation Key on the next dialog.

If you would like to store your log in information on the machine, check the Remember Me option.

Add MangoMap Account

If this machine has not previously been connected to a MangoMap account or trial, the Add MangoMap Account dialog will appear.

Create a new MangoMap trial account

To create a MangoMap trial account choose the Create a new MangoMap trial account option on the Add MangoMap Account dialog.

The Create MangoMap Account dialog will appear requesting credentials for the trial account.

A Blue Marble Geographics login may only be used once to make a trial account. The trial account is tied to the Blue Marble Geographics login entered on the previous dialog.

Activate a MangoMap account purchased from Blue Marble Geographics

Once you have purchased a MangoMap subscription from Blue Marble Geographics, you will receive an email with the Activation Key. Please enter the Activation Key to setup a newly purchased MangoMap account, or to connect to one that already exists.

If the subscription account has not been activated yet, you will see the Create MangoMap Account dialog.

Create MangoMap Account

If the MangoMap trial has not been created, or if it is the first time an Activation Key is being used, the Create MangoMap Account will provide options for setting up the MangoMap website information. This is the information that will be used to login to the MangoMap website, and typically will be shared across your organization.

  • Display Name - The display name will be used to build the unique url to your Mango Data Portal and Map Portal. It will also be used in the Mango Portal page title and shown as the Mango connection name in Global Mapper. It can be updated, and any changes will be reflected in the Mango Portal page title and Mango connection name as well.
  • Owner - This is the user information associated with the MangoMap website login.
  • E-mail Address - When the MangoMap account is first created, the email is tied to the Blue Marble Geographics website login entered in the previous screen. To modify this value, you will need to cancel and begin again using a different Blue Marble Geographics Login.
  • Password - This is the password that will be used in a web browser to login to administer the Mango Map Portal.

When the account is successfully created, the following dialog will appear:

Click the Map Portal URL or use the Copy to Clipboard button to open the Map Portal for this account in a web browser.

Open MangoMap Connection

The Open MangoMap Connection allows you to manage the MangoMap accounts remembered by the machine.


Press the Edit button to view information about the MangoMap Account, or to modify the Display Name or the Owner's first or last name associated with the account.

Display Name

Display name for the account to be used on the Mango Maps site. This can be edited. Editing this value will change the Portal URL. Editing this value will also change the connection name in Global Mapper and the title on the portal page.

First Name

Account owner’s first name. This field can be edited.

Last Name

Account owner’s last name. This field can be edited.

E-Mail Address

E-mail address associated with the account. This is a read-only field.

Portal URL

This is the URL to the map portal associated with the account. The map portal allows you to display and edit maps that have been uploaded. Click this link to visit the portal.


Current status for the account. This is one of the following values:

  • Trial – this is a trial account. The expiration date will also be displayed.
  • Active – a paid account that is accessible by the user.
  • Suspended – an account that cannot be accessed due to failure to pay, or something similar. Maps and associated data are intact. Please contact Blue Marble Geographics for further assistance.
  • Closed – the account is no longer active. Once an account has been closed for 21 days, all maps and other associated data will be deleted.


Current plan that is in use for the account. This can be one of the following values:

  • Professional
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Agency

See for more information about the different plans.

Billing Cycle

All accounts created as part of the Blue Marble partnership are billed annually (i.e. “1 year”). If there is a bill due for the account, the next billing date will be included.

Map Quota

Indicates the number of maps permitted for the account, and the number that have been created.

Storage Quota

Indicates the number of bytes available for map data, and the amount that has been used.

Copy URL to Clipboard

Click this button to copy the Portal URL to the clipboard.


Press the Add button to add a new MangoMap account connection. This button is used to add an additional MangoMap account connection to the machine. It is also used to link a trial account to a new subscription purchase.