Technical Support

Global Mapper software is supported on the current version, technical support is included with purchase. This covers everything from basic "How To" type questions, to advanced analysis of specific technical problems with data you are processing within our software. Tech support is not intended as a substitute for formal training on the use of the software. For information on our Training program, please visit our Training page.

Previous versions of the software cannot always be supported, but we will do our best to assist you though we may require that you upgrade to the current version.

E-mail Support:

Please include the following:

  • Type of data you are working with
  • Coordinate Systems being used
  • Error messages encountered (if applicable)
  • Actions being Performed
  • Expected Outcomes

Global Mapper is a product driven by user-data.  Thus each support issue is unique to that problem.  The more information users can provide in the support request form, the more likely tech support will be able to resolve the problem. Please provide as much information as possible.