Export a Multi-band Image

Global Mapper can composite imagery into a multi-band image during export, or by using the Raster Calculator tool.

The Set up Bands for Export dialog also appears in various other tools that involve input or output of multi-band rasters, such as Raster Calculator, Pan Sharpen Imagery, and Apply Color to Lidar Points.

  • To create a multi-band image, export to a raster/ image format that supports multiple bands, such as GeoTIFF, BIL, RAWNITF or MrSID formats.
    • Load the raster data that will be combined into a single multi-band image.
    • Navigate to File > Export > Raster / Image Format...
    • In Select Export Format, choose a format that supports multi-band imagery
  • In the File Type section of the Export Options, choose Multi-Band, and specify the number of bits per Band and the number of Bands to include in the output.

  • The Set up Bands for Export dialog will appear. Specify which Layer to include in Band 1. Then choose which color channel/ band within that layer will be included in the output band.

  • Set up the Layer and color channel / band to include in each of the output bands