Measure Tool

The Measure command selects the measure tool as the current tool.

To find the distance along a path or within an enclosed area, choose the Measure Tool from the Tools toolbar or from the Tools menu.

  • Left click on the point to begin the measurement. Move the mouse, which will draw a line, to the point where the measurement should stop.

  • Repeat step 1 until you have defined the entire path or area that you wish to measure.

  • Right click the right mouse button and select "Stop Measuring" from the list using a left click. Notice that "Stop Measuring" and "Close polygon" choices are now grayed out. The measurement(s) will be displayed on the left side of the status bar below.

  • To edit the measurement, press CTRL+Z to remove the last placed point in the measurement.

  • Press ESC to clear the current measurement.

Context Menu

Right Click on the map with the measure tool selected to display the following options

Save Measurement

To save a measurement to a separate feature right clicking and select 'Save Measurement' from the context menu. In the dialog, choose to save the measurement as a line or area feature. Selecting 'Yes' will create an area feature. Selecting' No' will create a line feature. Then the Modify Feature Info dialog will appear to set the feature information.

Copy the Measure Text to Clipboard

Select this option to copy the measurements to the windows clipboard. The information can be pasted as text in other applications.

VOLUME - Measure Volume (Cut and Fill )

With gridded elevation data loaded under the measurement, calculate the Cut-and-Fill volume either within the measurement area or within some distance of the measurement line. To do this, simply right click then select the "Measure Volume (Cut-and-Fill)" option that appears. Selecting this option will display the Setup Volume Calculation Parameters dialog, to set up the volume measurement.

More information on Calculating Cut and Fill Volume.

Measurement / Unit Settings

In order to change measurements right click and choose Measure/ Unit Settings... to choose a new unit. The distance will be displayed in kilometers, meters, miles or feet for a line, and in square feet, square meters, square miles, acres, or hectares for areas. Also specify the calculation type of Great Circle, Grid Distance, or Rhumb Line.

These settings also contain options to control how bearings are reported.

The Measurement settings can also be set from the Configuration.