Technical Support

Our goal is to provide you with the best technical support possible. To submit a support request form, please click here. You must be enrolled with an Annual Support & Update Subscription in order to receive technical support. Please include the order number for your Annual Support & Update Subscription or per instance support when contacting us for technical assistance.

Please be as complete as possible in your support requests; incomplete information will only delay the support process.  Typical information needed by the support team includes:

  • Type of data you are working with

  • Coordinate Systems being used for input and output

  • Datums being used for input and output

  • Linear Units (if using a Projected or Cartesian system)

  • Datum Transformation being used (if applicable)

  • Error messages encountered (if applicable)

The Geographic Calculator is user-data driven.  Each support issue is unique to that problem.  The information in the support request form is essential to solve each support request.