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GM_LidarPoint_t Fields

The GM_LidarPoint_t type exposes the following members.

Public fieldmBlue
Blue color value
Public fieldmClass
Public fieldmElevMeters
Elevation of point in meters
Public fieldmFlags
Flags about the point
Public fieldmGpsTime
GPS time
Public fieldmGreen
Green color value
Public fieldmIntensity
Public fieldmLayer
Layer the point is from
Public fieldmNIR
NIR (near infrared) value
Public fieldmPointIdx
Point index in cloud
Public fieldmPos
Location of the point (global coordinates when getting, native when adding feature)
Public fieldmRed
Red color value
Public fieldmRetCount
Number of returns
Public fieldmRetNum
Return number
Public fieldmScanAngle
Scan Angle
Public fieldmScannerChannel
Scanner channel
Public fieldmSourceId
Point Source ID
Public fieldmUserData
User data
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