Export Tiles (OSM/TMS/Mapbox/RMaps)

The Export OSM (OpenStreetMaps.org), Export TMS Tiles, Export MapBox MBTiles Tileset and Export RMaps SQLite Database commands allow the user to export any loaded data to JPG or PNG files tiled in the configuration required for display in using either the OSM (OpenStreetMaps.org), TMS (Tile Map Service), MapBox, or RMaps naming and tiling standards. When exporting OSM tiles, this command will create both the image tiles and a sample HTML file for displaying the data within a web browser. You can just load the HTML file into your web browser to view the data once the export is over, but you will likely want to customize it to your needs. In the case of exporting a MapBox MBTiles tileset or RMaps tiles, the output will be a single SQLite database file containing the defined tiles.

When you select the command, the OSMTile Export Options dialog (pictured below) appears allowing you to setup the export. This dialog allows you to specify the display name of the map set in your web browser, the zoom level setup, the format of the imagery, and some additional options. There is also an Export Bounds panel which allows you to indicate the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.

Select Folder button to the Tile Source Definition dialog (below) when you add a new OSM, TMS or Google Maps source. This allows you to select a local folder which is the base of the tile source and it builds the base URL from that with the file:/// in front.

Loading Web Tiles

Web Formats that contained tiled imaged may be loaded into Global Mapper. To correctly reference the images, add the local file path or url to the Connect to Online Data dialog with the Add New Source button. Web Tiles in Google Maps Tiles, Bing Tiles, TMS, OSM  and other tile formats that do not come as a single tileset file, may be loaded in this manner.

When exported from Global Mapper, these web formats will create an XML file that may be used to add the files to Online Data Sources using the Add Source from File option. The export will also create an *.htm file that will load the local tiles in a web browser. Internet access is required to load the basemaps included in the Google Maps and Bing Maps tiles.

RMaps SQLite Database, MapBox MB Tiles Tileset, and KML/KMZ (any data as images) files may be loaded directly.