MapBox MB Tiles Tileset

MapBox MBTiles files can be loaded into Global Mapper v18.1 and later. Global Mapper will import MBTiles data sets with the following extensions:

Export MabBox MBTiles

The Export MapBox MB Tiles command allows the user to export any loaded vector data sets to an MapBox MB Tiles format file.

When selected, the command displays the MapBox MB Tiles Export Options dialog which consists of an Export Bounds panel that allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.

Tiling Options

For more information on the available tiling options for export see Export Tiles (OSM/TMS/Mapbox/RMaps)

MBTiles Options

When exporting a MapBox MBTiles tileset, there is an additional tab on the Export Options dialog (shown below). The MBTiles Options tab allows specifying data and options that are specific to an MBTiles export.

Tileset Metadata

Description: Enter a Description for the map

Type: Indicate whether or not the map is a base layer or overlay layer.

Intermediate Files

Create from existing TMS tiles directory- This option will an mbtiles database from an existing set of intermediate files, or a TMS directory. Select this option and navigate to the existing tile directory to skip generating each tile image, and just build the mbtiles database based on the Tiling Options.

Delete Intermediate Tile Files After Creating Tileset - During the export process for MBTiles, Global Mapper will create a set of tile files. Choose the Location for the files. Indicate whether or not to deleted the intermediate files after the tileset generation is complete.

Deleting intermediate files is enabled by default, but it in cases where the same sets of tiles will be used in different MBTiles package exports, saving the intermediate file and using the above Create from Existing option for subsequent exports will save time recreating the same tiles.

If a folder location is selected for the files, it must be an empty directory, or a directory that does not exist.