The Export DGN command allows the user to export any loaded vector data to a MicroStation DGN v8 format file.

When selected, the command displays the DGN Export Options dialog (pictured below) which allows the user to set up the export. The dialog consists of a DGN Options panel, a Tiling panel, and an Export Bounds panel which allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded vector data they wish to export.

Text Size section:

Allows the user to control how large display label text will be in the created file.

Unit Resolution:

Value is used to specify the resolution unit saved in the DGN file.

Generate PRJ File:

A .prj projection file describing the projection of the coordinates in the file will automatically be created.

Generate 3D DGN File if 3D Features Present:

The entire DGN file will be marked as 3D and any features that have a elevation data associated with them will be stored as 3D features.

Generate Tags for Feature Attributes:

Any attributes associated with exported features will be saved as tags in the resulting file. Note: This can significantly slow down export time in some cases.

Set Global Origin to the Lower Left of Design Plane Rather than the Center of the Design Plane:

The global origin is set to the minimum valid negative values rather than at (0,0) as is standard.

Replace Dark Line Colors with White:

Any lines that are near black in color will be replaced with a white line automatically. This is useful for getting dark colored lines to show up when the exported DGN file is viewed in an application that uses a black background.


Export Bounds