Create New Feature in 3D with Vertex and Terrain Snapping

New vector features may be digitized in 3D view by snapping to terrain or vertices of existing vector features.

The digitizer create point, line and area tools may be accessed in 3D by selecting the Digitizer tool, and right clicking to the context menu.

Selection of the digitizer tools in the main application window in the Digitizer(Create) toolbar will also enable the tools in 3D.

As with the digitizer tool in 2D view, new feature creation is done by left clicking the mouse button to create vertices, then right clicking on the last vertex location to complete the feature.

Point, Line and Area features may be created by snapping to the vertices of existing point, line or area feature, or by snapping to terrain data. This snapping selection may be improved using keyboard shortcuts to restrict the vertex selection:

When snapping to existing vector features, the snapped vertex location will be indicated with an orange circle. When snapping to the terrain, the snapped vertex location will be indicated with a green circle.

The bottom bar of the 3D view window will indicate the number of points (vertices) that have been added to the active feature. The notification window (in the top left of the above image) shows the edit location based on the cursor, and the last edit point (i.e. the last placed vertex). The notification window will also show any special modes that are active, including locked navigation modes: 

Locking the view movement:Sometimes it can be useful to restrict the movement of the 3D scene in one dimension or another. You can lock the movement to either a horizontal or vertical plane using the H or V keys. Note: locking is not allowed in Walk mode.

Predefined Views: There are some predefined views that can help you to navigate in the 3D scene:

Active feature creation with the digitizer may be switched back and forth between working in the 3D view and 2D view(s).

3D Digitizing and Editing Shortcut Keys