3D View Configuration

The 3D View Properties settings impact the display of data in the 3D window.

Access the 3D View Configuration by selecting the configure button Configuration button from the 3D Window. Or select the Configuration button from the File Toolbar or Tools menu, and navigate to the 3D View Properties section.

Draw the Terrain Surface

Unchecking the Draw the Terrain Surface checkbox will turn off the display of the terrain surface and draped data, leaving only any 3D vector data or Lidar point cloud data. This can be useful for adding relative offsets to 3D vector features, and the surface display is not needed.

Draw Multiple Surfaces for Overlapping Terrain

Check this option to display multiple layers of elevation data-set at locations where the elevation data-sets overlap. This is good for rendering subsurface terrains.

Mask 3D Data by 2D bounds

Enable this option to mask the 3D view to show only the extent of the primary 2D map view. This setting will hide the display of additional data outside of the 2D bounds, but does not stop the load of enabled data in the 3D View. For the best performance use other methods to limit the loading of large data-sets in 3D.

When Path Profile with 3D Cutaway is enabled, the path profile cutaway will over-ride the masking to the 2D bounds.

Vertical Exaggeration

Use the slider or enter a value to control the vertical exaggeration. This is also available as buttons on the 3D Toolbar. For more information see Vertical Exaggeration.

Background Color

Specify the background color to use in the 3D view. This color will only be visible when the Skybox Drop-down on the 3D toolbar is set to None (Solid Background).

Walk Mode Height

Specify the height when entering Walk Mode. Height can be enter as above Ground (based on the top terrain surface) or Sea Level (elevation above 0) using the drop-down.

Water Display

Display Water in the 3D View

Toggle on and of the display of water. This is also available as a button on the 3D Toolbar.

Water Level

Use the slider to adjust the water level height and the units of measure. Increment buttons are also available to control this on the 3D Toolbar.

Water Level Increment

Specify the increment used when increasing or decreasing water level with the toolbar Increase water Level and Decrease Water Level buttons .

3D Vector Display Options

Display 3D Vector Features in Space Above/ Below Terrain Surface

Use this option turn toggle on and off the display of 3D vector features. This setting does not impact Lidar data.

Relation of Vector Data Elevations to Terrain

Specify what the height or elevation values of vector features are relative to. This will only apply to layers with an Altitude Mode of Unspecified. It is overridden by Layer specified Altitude Mode or Feature specified Altitude Mode settings.

Show 3D Point Models

Turn on or off the display of point features specified with a 3D model style.

Show Textures in Meshes

3D Models may contained fill patterns or photo-realistic displays for the polygons that make up the mesh. Uncheck this option to hide the rendering of these textures in 3D.

Toggle 3D model / mesh textures on and off with the T key

Display Lidar Features

Turn on or off the display of loaded LiDAR data in the 3d View.

Extrude 3D Areas to Surface (Useful for Buildings)

Turn on this setting to draw sides on 3D area features extending to the ground.

When extruding to the surface, the default base of the extrusion is set just below the minimum elevation, so your extruded areas should always extend through the terrain surface.

Draw 3D Vector Features Reflected on Terrain Surface

Check this option to drape 3D vector features on the terrain surface. Drapped vectors are not selectable.

Show 2D Map Cursor Location

The location of the cursor on the 2D map display will be indicated with a vertical line. Use the Color and Scale settings to modify the appearance of that line.

Show Active GPS Track

Check this option and the GPS track will be displayed in the 3D View window

Show Fly Through Paths

3D line features that have been set up at Fly-Through-Paths will be displayed when this is checked. By default Fly Though Paths are hidden.

Snap Edit and Measure Cursor to Feature

Check this option to enable Snap Cursor Mode. This setting is also available with the toolbar Snap Cursor button.

Orientation Indicator

Display a Compass or 3D Axis in the 3D Viewer. These display is also available as buttons on the 3D Toolbar.

Orientation Indicator Height

Specify the height of the Compass or 3D axis. Then define what the height values is Relative to:

Onscreen Notifications

Onscreen notifications provide a notification message when properties are modified in the 3D view.

Display Notifications

Check this option to toggle on onscreen notifications.

Notification text color

Specify the text color of the notification.


Specify how long the notification will appear after a property is changed.


Specify the position of the notification box in the 3D View.