Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Mapper and LiDAR Module Training in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Poortweg 6, Delft
South Holland 2612, PA, Netherlands


June 16, 2020 - June 18, 2020


Blue Marble is pleased to offer both new and experienced users of Global Mapper the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the software and LiDAR Module by attending an instructor-led training program.

The intensive two-day Global Mapper portion of the program introduces all of the major components of Global Mapper using simulated real-world scenarios and workflows. The agenda includes digitizing and vector editing, advanced attribute management, thematic mapping, raster processing, terrain analysis, and much more. To make best use of the available time, the core functionality of the software, such as file management, interface navigation, tool selection, etc., will not be covered in detail however introductory educational materials will be distributed to all attendees before the class.

The one-day LiDAR Module training will explore all aspects of LiDAR processing from initial data quality assurance to 3D analysis. The class will introduce the structure and characteristics of LiDAR data before following a series of workflows that demonstrates the point cloud visualization, editing, and analysis capabilities of the software.

All attendees who successfully complete both the Global Mapper and LiDAR Module training classes will be issued an official certificate of completion and will be recognized as Certified Global Mapper users.

Training Agendas

Requirements for Training

The instruction technique is hands-on so each attendee must bring a Windows-based laptop computer to the program with the latest build of Global Mapper installed. If necessary, a temporary license file will be provided to enable all of the functionality of the software as well as the LiDAR Module for the duration of the classes. All data used during the program will be provided via FTP prior to the classes.

As a prerequisite for attending the LiDAR Module class, attendees must have an understanding of the basic principles of GIS and preferably experience with Global Mapper. Attendees who are new to Global Mapper are strongly encouraged to sign up for the two-day Global Mapper portion of the program.

Multiple Attendee Registrations

If you intend to register five or more attendees from your company or organization for the class, please email to confirm that enough seats are available.

Pricing & Registration

Date(s) Cost Duration Registration Status
Global Mapper Training (2 Days) June 16, 2020 - June 17, 2020* $660 USD per person 16 hours Wait List
LiDAR Module Training (1 Day) June 18, 2020* $330 USD per person 8 hours Wait List
Global Mapper and LiDAR Module Training (3 Days) June 16, 2020 - June 18, 2020* $990 USD per person 24 hours Wait List

* Dates and locations are subject to change. Please contact us directly prior to making any travel arrangements.
** Registration may close without advance notice if the available slots are filled.

Wait List Sign Up

Please enter your contact information in the form below to add your name to the waiting list for the Amsterdam, Netherlands Global Mapper Training class. If an opening becomes available, a Blue Marble representative will contact you to invite you to register. If no seats are available by Jun 9, 2020, you will receive an email to let you know that your request for a seat has been unsuccessful.