Global Mapper MangoMap Subscriptions

Utilizing a new extension embedded in Global Mapper, new users will initially set up a MangoMap subscription at one of three levels:

MangoMap Business Subscription

This base-level tier includes the ability to publish up to 20 maps with 4 GB of dedicated storage. In addition, it includes the following features and functions:

  • Maps can be password protected
  • The attributes and geometry of points, lines, and polygons can be edited
  • Includes support for raster layers and Web Map Services (WMS)
  • Offers the option to add a company logo to the map display
  • Provides tools for customizing the interface, color scheme, and layout
  • The MangoMap URL can be based on an existing domain name

MangoMap Enterprise Subscription

The mid-tier subscription level increases the available online map count to 40 maps with 8 GB of storage. Supplementing the Business Subscription capabilities, the Enterprise level also adds:

  • Automated map layer updates with Data Sync
  • Online collaboration with team invitations
  • Defined team roles (Viewers, Editors, and Admins)
  • Group-based permissions for fine grained access control
  • A private map and data portal
  • No Mango branding displayed on maps
  • The services of a personal account manager

MangoMap Agency Subscription

The top-tier MangoMap subscription level further increases the number of maps and storage capacity to 100 maps and 16 GB of storage respectively. Users will have access to the extensive list of options in the Business and Enterprise tiers.

Global Mapper v21 or later required to create a MangoMap account