Global Mapper MangoMap Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download any additional software to use MangoMap in Global Mapper?

No. Global Mapper version 21 and later include the new MangoMap extension, which is used to initially set up a Mango subscription and to publish layers.

How do I set up MangoMap trial subscription?

After loading data into Global Mapper and clicking the new MangoMap toolbar button, simply follow the on-screen prompts to set up your trial subscription with MangoMap. For more information, please refer to our documentation.

Are there any functional restrictions or limitations during the trial period?

There are some restrictions on MangoMap trial subscriptions when compared to a full, paid subscription. With a trial you are only able to publish 40 maps and raster data storage is restricted to 8GB during the two-week trial period. For a comprehensive list of what is included with a trial, please refer to the documentation.

How do I set up a full subscription to MangoMap?

A full MangoMap subscription can be purchased via the Blue Marble Geographics website or by contacting us at An activation key will be provided which can be used to upgrade your MangoMap subscription.

What subscription levels are available?

Three MangoMap subscription tiers are available to Global Mapper users:

Business, Enterprise, and Agency. For detailed information on each, select the MangoMap Subscription Options tab

How long is the subscription period?

Each subscription lasts for a year from the date of initial setup.

If I am already a MangoMap subscriber, can I access my account from Global Mapper?

In order to access MangoMap from Global Mapper, a Global Mapper-specific subscription is required. To enable an existing Mango subscription to work with Global Mapper, contact us for more information at

How do I publish a map from Global Mapper to MangoMap?

Once your subscription is activated, publishing data to MangoMap is as simple as clicking the MangoMap toolbar button, selecting the account you wish to upload with, and choosing your export options.

How do I share the map with others?

MangoMap has many options to allow a user to share their maps, including email, social media, or embedding in a website.

Where do I find more information about using Global Mapper?

For new users of Global Mapper, a concise Getting Started Guide is available to provide guidance and instruction on the basic used of the software and a detailed User Guide is available within the application's Help menu or online. For more information, click the Resources tab or download a copy of Global Mapper.

Where do I find more information about MangoMap ?

MangoMap provides a range of tutorial documents, videos, and other resources. Visit the MangoMap website for more information at However, if you wish to publish to Mango from Global Mapper you need to enable the extension in Global Mapper.