February 20, 2002

The French Public Geological Survey geo-references their entire image dataset with Blue Marble Geographics’ Geographic Transformer

Gardiner, Maine (USA) – Blue Marble Geographics has announced that the Geographic Transformer was used to georeference and tile the entire digital image dataset of the French Public Geological Survey. The project was conducted for the Bureau of Geography and Mining Research by IMAGIS Méditerranée of Nimes, France.

Approximately 1100 images were georeferenced to Lambert Conformal Conic II and a local French Lambert Zone, then mosaicked into over 5000 tiles. Since this project has been completed, nearly 60 GB of data has been made available to licensed users of the organization.

“The Geographic Transformer allowed us to georeference all the image formats
in our dataset, quickly, easily and with astounding accuracy.” Stated Philippe Dovillez of IMAGIS Mediterranee. “This was a very large and high profile project which is why we chose to use the Geographic Transformer. It is an invaluable tool and one that we will use again and again.”

The Geographic Transformer is a complete solution for establishing an “image-to-world” relationship between image and map coordinates. It allows you to quickly and easily geo-reference, re-project and mosaic image files. The Geographic Transformer is compatible with most common GIS software applications including as ArcView, ArcInfo, Microstation, MapInfo, AutoCAD and others while supporting a wide range of standard image formats.

About IMAGIS Méditerranée

IMAGIS has been offering innovative solutions since 1995, which integrate the most recent technologies in digital cartography and GIS. With over 200 clients worldwide, IM also assists with environmental data analysis, land management and urban planning. IMAGIS may be found on the World Wide Web at www.imagis.fr

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