September 19, 2002

Geographic Transformer version 4.4 released

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of Geographic Transformer v 4.4. The Geographic Transformer allows you to easily establish an “image-to-world” relationship between image and map coordinates and reproject an image into a georeferenced image map. Image data including scanned paper maps, aerial photos, and satellite imagery become powerful when reprojected as image maps for use as a background or base map upon which, other spatial data is overlaid.

Geographic Transformer v 4.4 contains several new enhancements including the highly anticipated ability to read and georeference MrSID, ECW, DOQQ and BIL image formats. The Geographic Transformer already supports TIFF, GeoTIFF, Windows Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, BSB Chart and CADRG. All output image formats can be saved as TIFF, GeoTIFF, Windows Bitmap, JPG or PNG files.

The new graticle feature in Geographic Transformer v 4.4 serves as a reference grid when used in conjunction with a registered image. The graticle grid can be superimposed over any registered image. Display options to help you customize the look of the graticle and enhance the visual integrity of the grid can be specified such as grid spacing, grid units, grid color, font color and font size.

Other new features include enhanced rectangle zoom functionality and a ‘copy and paste’ coordinate system functionality.

You can perform your own image reprojection for free, with the evaluation version of the Geographic Transformer.

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