August 11, 2003

GeoCalc is Key Component in Development of DAT/EM’s Summit Evolution Software

DAT/EM Systems International is a leading photogrammetric products and software manufacturing firm. Based in Alaska the company has developed a digital photogrammetric workstation using Blue Marble’s GeoCalc tool kit. GeoCalc is the worldwide standard coordinate conversion engine that allows you to calculate coordinates, distance or azimuth and determines grid and geodetic distances directly into any custom application.

Summit Evolution allows customers to perform 3D feature collection into AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, or ArcGIS®. Corresponding camera and control files and their model images can be managed easily in a project-based setting. Users can quickly obtain stereoscopic orientation of their models using interior, relative and absolute orientation or by employing exterior orientation data. By using Blue Marble’s GeoCalc coordinate conversion engine, the Summit Evolution user is able to produce their own mapping products using local coordinate systems. GeoCalc’s universal coordinate system capabilities allows DAT/EM’s product to reach more markets by providing their clients a broader range of options for their mapping needs.

DAT/EM’s Director of Marketing and International Sales, Dennis Sayer, states, “We chose GeoCalc because it provides DAT/EM Systems a fast and easy way to translate between coordinate systems.” Jeff Yates, General Manager of DAT/EM Systems International, added, “Blue Marble’s GeoCalc package has allowed DAT/EM’s SUMMIT Evolution softcopy system to seamlessly utilize various image sensor types such as high-resolution satellites and the new large-format digital aerial cameras. GeoCalc was easy to integrate into our major product, allowing DAT/EM Systems to quickly expand the functionality of SUMMIT Evolution.”

Time-to-market with new functionality is a common reason our customers use GeoCalc. The cost to develop a best in class equivalent coordinate conversion engine would take many years. Factor the average fully loaded developer’s salary in the equation and the total cost to develop becomes prohibitive. Hence, the benefits of using Blue Marble technology to speed up development and product release time, while saving money are obvious. DAT/EM’s Summit Evolution is the case in point.

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