July 11, 2008

Blue Marble Offers New ‘Geodesy for the GIS User’ Training Courses for the ArcGIS User

Gardiner, Maine — July 11, 2008 – Blue Marble Geographics (www.bluemarblegeo.com) will be offering a brand new version of their popular applied geodesy training on August 7th and 8th, 2008 in conjunction with the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA. This course, given for the first time ever at the UC, will focus on the fundamentals of applied geodesy for the ArcGIS user. Blue Marble has a long track record of training GIS users on the intricacies of geodetics including coordinate systems, projections, datums, and other essential concepts through applied hands-on software training. This course will utilize Blue Marble tools to show Arc users how to extend the geodetic capabilities of the Arc GIS desktop. This offering is the basis for other applied geodesy courses using ESRI software that Blue Marble is currently developing.

The training course features hands-on education on the essentials of geodesy and mapping using ESRI’s ArcGIS software in conjunction with Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator and Geographic Transformer applications. The courses are useful for both the novice as an introduction, and as a refresher for the expert GIS analyst. In fact, many people choose to attend these courses for the geodesy training alone. Here is a chance to not only educate oneself on the foundations of geodesy and mapping concepts, but also learn how to harness the power of Blue Marble’s ArcGIS Extension.

Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator extends the geodetic capabilities of ArcGIS, and can recognize when a user has ArcGIS installed on their desktop. The Calculator will install a special toolbar in ArcGIS, which enables users to access Blue Marble features directly in ESRI’s ArcGIS Software. This exciting new capability for Calculator extends the power of ArcGIS as a geodetic definition and geospatial management interface.

Working with the Geographic Calculator directly in the Arc environment compliments the work that many Blue Marble users have been doing for years. Many GIS professionals double-check their coordinate conversion work in ESRI with Blue Marble’s Calculator to ensure data quality and consistency. However, the latest new enhancements to the Calculator introduce new ways of extending the geodetic power of the ArcGIS environment. The new Administrative Tools in the Geographic Calculator allow users to define appropriate datum selection and thus datum shift by geographic envelopes. This will ensure that the GIS Administrator has control over conversion definition for project work in the Arc environment.

Other valuable features of these courses include learning how to expand the geodetic capabilities of ArcGIS to ensure accuracy of data, improve the quality of data, and to create workflows and projects that reduce errors and improve time-to-market. If you are concerned about highly accurate mapping, but want those capabilities in the great interfaces and powerful tools of the Arc environment then this is the course for you.

Don’t be left out – space fills up fast! For further details, please call Blue Marble at (800) 616-2725, or send an email to training@bluemarblegeo.com and reserve your spot today. Blue Marble also offers on-site sessions that can be conveniently planned to fit your schedule.

Kris Berglund
Blue Marble Geographics

Gardiner, ME, USA


800-616-2725 / 207-582-6747

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