February 2, 2007

Blue Marble’s Coordinate Transformation Toolkit Now Features Complete Interoperability with Most GIS Software

Gardiner, Maine — February 2, 2007 – Blue Marble Geographics (www.bluemarblegeo.com) announces another update to their GeoCalc software development kit. This fully object-oriented, cross platform coordinate conversion library is now completely interoperable with most major GIS software tools available today. Blue Marble’s coordinate conversion technology is used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software companies, universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, government and military organizations.

GeoCalc 6.3 is yet another expansion of the coordinate system data source that is widely accepted as the standard library for coordinate transformation. The tool now supports a direct match to all ESRI coordinate system definitions. Along with the addition of GML support and a few custom coordinate system libraries, Blue Marble’s GeoCalc now natively supports direct data source matches to Autodesk, Safe, MapInfo and others. The custom definition capabilities and built in current EPSG codes (now on version 6.11_2) means GeoCalc is virtually interoperable with any GIS software available today.

The ability to import a coordinate system from a GML file using GML v3.1 allows for the addition of new geometries, making GeoCalc-dependent software more compliant with ISO standards. GeoCalc’s built-in ability to manage coordinate system metadata also increases the flexibility and scalability of the tool.

“GeoCalc 6.3 is now bigger, better and faster,” stated Kris Berglund, Director of Sales and Marketing for Blue Marble. “We’ve added 25 new projection definitions and 5 new height models, but at the same time we took care to really optimize the tool for speed and usability. We’re excited about the explosion of 3D data use within the GIS industry, and 3D transformations are something we are very much focused on.”

6.3 has improved the dialogues for easier and more powerful GUI’s within the toolkit. The tool also introduces a new method that will calculate the area of a polygon. There are three new datum shift methods including ED50 to ED87 North Sea. Overall the tool natively supports over 10,000 potential coordinate systems globally.

About Blue Marble Geographics: Blue Marble Geographics of Gardiner, Maine is a leading developer and provider of geographic software products that provide sensible solutions for users and developers of geographic data. Blue Marble has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for 14 years and currently serves hundreds of thousands of customers world wide. Learn more at www.bluemarblegeo.com.

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