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3rd Party Licensing

Required introduction

PDF Support

The Global Mapper SDK provides support for importing and exporting geo-spatial PDF through the QuickPDF library from We cannot sub-license this library directly, so if you need PDF support you need to purchase a license for Quick PDF v11 and then provide your unlock key to the Global Mapper SDK via the GM_SetQuickPDFUnlockCode function before you try to import or export any PDF files. You will also need to provide the QuickPDFDLL.dll and QuickPDFRenderer.dll files from the 'bin' or 'bin64' folder with your application.

ECW/JPEG2000 Unlimited Compression Support

The SDK includes free unlimited import support for ECW and JPEG2000 files, but the 3rd-party library (from Intergraph) is limited to 500MB (uncompressed) per export. If you have obtained the appropriate license to export unlimited size, please contact us at and we will provide instructions on how to enable this support in your SDK-based application.