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General Overview

The Global Mapper SDK allows the use of Global Mapper loading, rendering, and export technology within your own applications. Using the SDK you can perform a vast array of functions, a few of which include:

  • Load any number of layers from almost all of the formats supported by Global Mapper. This includes nearly all imagery, elevation, and vector data formats.
  • Draw loaded layers to your own device context, allowing Global Mapper-style rendering in your own application. You can draw any specified portion of the loaded data.
  • Retrieve the color at any location from loaded raster and elevation layers.
  • Retrieve the elevation at any location from loaded elevation layers.
  • Get information about loaded layers, including projection/datum, bounding rectangle, description, ground control points, pixel size, etc.
  • Retrieve detailed information about every feature in a vector layer, including coordinate and attribute data.
  • Reproject loaded data to a user-specified projection/datum.
  • Load imagery that has not been georeferenced by providing ground control points and projection, the DLL will perform the rectification.
  • Auto-clip the collar off of USGS DRGs.
  • Export loaded layers to many of the export formats supported by Global Mapper, such as GeoTIFF and JPG.
  • Export a user-supplied bitmap to a GeoTIFF or JPG file.
  • Re-project coordinates from one projection/datum to another projection/datum.
  • Generate contour lines from gridded elevation data.
  • Perform a view shed analysis from gridded elevation data.