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GM_GPSUtil Methods

The GM_GPSUtil type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGPSGetAltitude
Retrieves the current GPS altitude, if valid
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetBearing
Retrieves the current GPS bearing, if valid
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetFixInfo
Retrieves the current GPS fix accuracy statistics
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetFixType
Retrieves the current GPS fix type
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetLocation
Retrieves the current GPS location
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetTime
Retrieves the UTC time of the last GPS fix as a C-style time plus fractional seconds
Public methodStatic memberGPSGetVelocity
Retrieves the current GPS velocity, if valid
Public methodStatic memberGPSRenderVessel
Renders a GPS vessel of the given size to the provided device context at the current GPS location.
Public methodStatic memberGPSStartTrackingNMEAFile
Replay a recorded GPS track from a NMEA log file
Public methodStatic memberGPSStartTrackingSerial
Starts tracking a GPS device connected to a serial port
Public methodStatic memberGPSStartTrackingUSB
Starts tracking a GPS device connected to a USB port
Public methodStatic memberGPSStopTracking
Stops tracking any connected GPS device
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