Installation and Setup GuidesΒΆ

The Global Mapper toolset has multiple ways of utilizing Python scripting to interact with and automate your workflows: the Global Mapper Software Development Kit (SDK) is a module which allows Python programs and command-line scripts to use GM operations; and the Global Mapper application includes a feature that allows for .py scripts to run within a workspace.

If you are working with the Global Mapper application and want to use the Python scripting feature to program your workspace, you can choose to use an existing install of Python 3.9, or use the Global Mapper installer Extra Downloads option to install an embedded version of Python 3.9.

To get started working with the Global Mapper Python SDK, you will need to download and install a copy of Python 3.9 and download and activate a copy of the Global Mapper SDK. Python can be downloaded for free at and a walk-through for installing it can be found in its documentation:

The following tutorials show all the necessary steps to configure the SDK and the GM application and how to start programming in Python with them.


Both the Global Mapper desktop application and the Global Mapper SDK require a license file from Blue Marble to function. Visit for more information about obtaining a license.