Types for Spatial Operations

The following types are used for spatial operation functions within GlobalMapper. These types use fixed, numeric constants, which are defined here.


Result targets for predicate results

GM_PredicateResult_CreateNewSelection = 0

Create new selection from matched features

GM_PredicateResult_AddToSelection = 1

Add matched features to current selection

GM_PredicateResult_RemoveFromSelection = 2

Remove matched features from current selection

GM_PredicateResult_CreateNewLayer = 3

Clone matched features into a new layer

GM_PredicateResult_ReturnFeatures = 4

Return matched via GM_FoundFeatureResults_t*


Spatial operation types

GM_SpatialOps_Intersection = 0

Returns the spatial intersection of two layers

GM_SpatialOps_Union = 1

Returns the the spatial union of two layers, or among features of a single layer

GM_SpatialOps_Difference = 2

Returns the the spatial difference between two layers

GM_SpatialOps_SymmetricDifference = 3

Returns the the spatial symmetric difference between two layers


Flags specifying how to handle invalid input geometries

GM_SpatialOps_OnErrorHalt = 0

Halt further processing

GM_SpatialOps_OnErrorSkip = 1

Skip invalid geometries

GM_SpatialOps_OnErrorIgnore = 2

Use invalid geometries anyway


Spatial predicate types

GM_SpatialPredicates_Intersects = 1

Calculates the set of features that intersect features in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_Overlaps = 2

Calculates the set of features that overlap features in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_Touches = 4

Calculates the set of features that touch features in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_Contains = 8

Calculates the set of features that wholly contain features in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_IsEqual = 16

Calculates the set of features that have have an exact match with the geometry of a feature in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_IsWithin = 32

Calculates the set of features that are wholly contained by a feature in another layer

GM_SpatialPredicates_IsDisjoint = 64

Calculates the set of features that do not intersect features in another layer


Spatial thinning algorithm - Specify which point to select from each bin grid when thinning

GM_ThinAlg_Min = 0

Use point with minimum elevation in bin

GM_ThinAlg_Max = 1

Use point with maximum elevation in bin

GM_ThinAlg_Med = 2

Use point with median elevation in bin

GM_ThinAlg_3D = 3

Keep median point in each 3D cube of bin size

GM_ThinAlg_KeepNth = 4

Keep every Nth point (i.e. every 4th return)

GM_ThinAlg_SkipNth = 5

Skip every Nth point (i.e. skip every 4th return - thin by 25%)

GM_ThinAlg_NumTypes = 6