globalmapper.SetAreaFeaturePointList(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aLayer, uint32 aAreaIndex, uint32 aHoleIndex, GM_Point_t aPointList, bool aPosInLayerCoords) GM_Error_t32[source]

Sets the list of point locations to use for the given area feature. The positions can either be specified in the native projection system of the layer (aPosInLayerCoords is TRUE) or in the current projection as returned by GetProjection (aPosInLayerCoords is FALSE).

The aHoleIndex parameter allows you to set the position list for holes within an area as well as the main parent area. To set the position list for the main parent area, use a value of 0 for aHoleIndex. To set the position of one of the holes in the area, set aHoleIndex to the 1-based index of the hole in the area.

  • aLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Layer the area is in

  • aAreaIndex (uint32) – Index of area in layer

  • aHoleIndex (uint32) – Index of hole to apply locations to (0 for main parent area, 1 for first hole, etc.)

  • aPointList (GM_Point_t) – New list of points for area

  • aPosInLayerCoords (bool) – Are the positions in the layer coordinate system or the current coordinate system?


Error Code

Return type