globalmapper.SpatialCenter(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aLayer, GM_SpatialOps_Params_t aParams, GM_FeatureGrouping_t8 aGrouping, str aStr) GM_Error_t32[source]

The Center spatial transform creates a new layer with a point at the center of the bounding box for the given area feature(s). The aGrouping parameter defines whether points should be created for every area in the layer, for feature groups by attribute, or one for the entire layer.

  • aLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Input layer

  • aParams (GM_SpatialOps_Params_t) – Parameters

  • aGrouping (GM_FeatureGrouping_t8) – Grouping type

  • aStr (str) – The attribute list string; may be an empty string


Error Code

Return type