globalmapper.MapCatalogSetDisplayInfo(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aCatalogLayer, GM_MapCatalogDisplayType_t8 aDisplayType, float aDisplayValue, float aDisplayValue2, bool aHideBounds) GM_Error_t32[source]

Sets when the layers in a map catalog should be displayed. The aDisplayValue and aDisplayValue2 parameters have the following meanings based on the value of aDisplayType:

  • GM_MapCatalog_DisplayTypePercent - aDisplayValue is percent of view window that a layer has to take up before it is shown

  • GM_MapCatalog_DisplayTypePixelSize - aDisplayValue is the size in meters that a single pixel in the display window should be before any layers are displayed

  • GM_MapCatalog_DisplayTypeScale - aDisplayValue is the denominator of the scale value (e.g. 100000.0 for 1:100K). Layers in the catalog will be drawn whenever the calculated scale value for the draw window is at or below the specified value.

  • GM_MapCatalog_DisplayTypeScaleRange - aDisplayValue and aDisplayValue2 specify a range of scales between which to draw the layers in the catalog. For example, to draw the layers when the scale for the draw window is between 1:50K and 1:250K, use values of 50000.0 and 250000.0.

  • aCatalogLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Handle to map catalog layer (either from loading or CreateMapCatalog)

  • aDisplayType (GM_MapCatalogDisplayType_t8) – Controls when layers in catalog are displayed

  • aDisplayValue (float) – First value related to display type

  • aDisplayValue2 (float) – Optional second value for range of scales (use 0.0 if doesn’t apply)

  • aHideBounds (bool) – Hide layer bounds when not drawing a layer?


Error Code

Return type