globalmapper.MapCatalogChangeMapOrder(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aCatalogLayer, uint32 aCurMapIndex, uint32 aNewMapIndex, sint32 aNumMapsToMove, int aReserved) GM_Error_t32[source]

Moves aNumMapsToMove maps starting at aCurMapIndex in the map list to aNewMapIndex. If you use -1 for aNumMapsToMove, all maps from aNumMapsToMove to the end of the list will be moved to aNewMapIndex. In that case, aNewMapIndex must be smaller than aCurMapIndex.

  • aCatalogLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Handle to map catalog layer (either from loading or CreateMapCatalog)

  • aCurMapIndex (uint32) – Current index of map (0-based) to move

  • aNewMapIndex (uint32) – New index of map (0-based)

  • aNumMapsToMove (sint32) – Number of maps to move (-1 for everything from aCurMapIndex to end of list)

  • aReserved (int) – Reserved for future use; must be 0.


Error Code

Return type